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Best Ways to Cold Message on LinkedIn

Best Ways to Cold Message on LinkedIn

Utilizing various lead-generating channels is a step toward obtaining qualified leads and, ultimately, a conversion. It doesn’t matter if you’re a salesperson or a job seeker; cold messaging (which includes social media posts, emails, and phone calls) is a tried-and-true technique that consistently produces results. The ideal way to contact qualified prospects who are working professionals is through cold messages on LinkedIn.

85% of LinkedIn messages receive a response. In comparison to email response rates, this is three times higher. On LinkedIn, there are 61 million or so senior-level decision-makers. People with diverse entrepreneurial goals would do well to send cold messages using this site.

Cold messaging involves sending a message to a stranger to strike up a conversation. However, it is crucial to use it properly because it may be a vital element.

So what is cold messaging, and why is it advantageous for companies? How do you ensure that you are carrying it out correctly?

We will respond to these queries and more in this post. We will define cold messaging, then outline the advantages it can provide. Additionally, we will give some pointers and cold messaging samples to help you benefit from LinkedIn cold messaging. This guide covers everything you need to be successful with cold messaging on LinkedIn, whether you are a professional or an amateur.

What Is a LinkedIn Cold Message?

Cold messaging is a direct communication approach that helps contact new clients. It usually goes out to strangers to connect and pitch a service or product. It is an effective lead-generation strategy on LinkedIn.

The initial message is crucial when using cold messaging to connect with potential clients unfamiliar with you. Ensuring your initial message is informative and exciting is vital for effective cold messaging. However, this determines whether or not they will consider you as the conversation progresses.

What to Do Before Starting Cold Messaging on LinkedIn?

Businesses and salespeople can use cold messages on LinkedIn to contact new customers. Having a plan can help you make the most of your cold messaging.

Step 1: Optimize Your LinkedIn Account


Prospecting on LinkedIn may be an effective strategy for producing leads correctly. It might even be among the greatest ones available.

Your LinkedIn profile is the first thing your prospects look at when you reach out to them. Making a good one can be advantageous because first impressions are usually necessary.

Consider your profile to be a landing page.

The chances of your leads progressing higher in your sales funnel may rise because of profile optimization, which will also improve your overall appearance. Although there are many more sophisticated strategies to improve your LinkedIn profile to produce leads, focusing on these things will be enough for the time being.

Make Sure Your Pictures Look Good

Your LinkedIn background photo and profile photo should be appealing to the eye. Visual material has a significant psychological impact. Pictures are far more accessible for people to remember than any form of writing. Your profile picture needs to be professional. However, it is crucial to have a unique design that talks about you or what you (or your company) stand for.

Connect with Sector Experts and Influential People

Participating in debates, leaving comments on articles, sharing intriguing stuff, and responding to group queries are all effective ways to position yourself as an authority.

Making connections will be simpler, thanks to the decent appearance of your LinkedIn profile.

Making a lot of contacts with influential people will help you come across as trustworthy. Additionally, you are on the right track if some of them praise you and your abilities.

Having many connections will help you because all those relationships are prospective leads.

Create a Catchy Headline

Everyone exaggerates their abilities in the headline. However, it still encourages people to click the link to your profile.

Therefore, assuming they might notice your tagline first is safe.

Ensure your headline highlights your knowledge in a specific area, principles, and gifts to share with the reader.

As soon as you mention your features and benefits, your prospects will know that you could be able to assist them in finding solutions to their difficulties.

Step 2: Establish Your Goal

Finding the appropriate persons to get in touch with is the next step. You must be thoroughly aware of your target market’s needs to do this. To do this, you can: 

  • Create your buyer persona using genuine facts and market research; 
  • Examine the number of leads to project future outcomes; 
  • Analyze your target behavior and habits

Step 3: Set Sales Goals

You must choose your objectives before beginning your LinkedIn cold message campaign. A practical sales goal should be SMART:

  • Specific 
  • Measurable 
  • Attainable 
  • Relevant 
  • Timely

For instance, a sales goal for a two-week cold message campaign on LinkedIn may be to produce ten qualified prospects.

Step 4: Create Your Sales Message

Creating a compelling cold LinkedIn sales message is the most crucial step. Consider the following to ensure success:

  • Focus on copywriting abilities to create an engaging message 
  • Observe different results across campaigns.
  • Use a tone that is convincing, straightforward, and concise.

By following these guidelines, you can create a practical LinkedIn cold message approach that produces leads and aids in achieving your sales goals.

Why Should Businesses Use Cold Messaging on LinkedIn?

Cold messaging is a fantastic, time- and money-efficient technique to create leads and present your service or good. Before we get into too much detail, let us quickly review the key advantages of cold messaging on LinkedIn. Furthermore, it is crucial to remember why you use LinkedIn for this.

Let us go through the reasons why businesses use LinkedIn cold messages. LinkedIn cold messages is a contemporary method of traditional business communication. Although there are other advantages, these are the key advantages of using a cold call message on LinkedIn. Using this method has the following advantages:

Maximize Reach

You can get in touch with top-notch prospects who you otherwise would not be able to. The number of leads you can contact through your website is limitless. It is a cheap method of attracting new clients.

Build Relationship Without Even Selling

You can begin creating relationships with potential clients before you have a product or service to market. Cold messages also work well for deepening connections with current clients. Moreover, it enables you to stay in touch while sharing essential details.

Over time, you can develop these connections and increase the chances that they will buy from you once you have goods to sell. It is a fantastic approach to increase brand recognition.

Targeted Population


Businesses may reach their target audience using LinkedIn, a platform for professional networking. Companies can increase their chances of connecting with new clients and customers in their field by contacting them via cold messages on LinkedIn.

Higher Visibility

Businesses can boost their visibility to prospective clients and customers by cold messaging on LinkedIn. A company essentially makes an introduction to a new customer base when it delivers a cold message. This may contribute to greater brand recognition and present more prospects for business expansion. Unlike many other lead generation strategies, cold LinkedIn messages give you more direct and immediate contact with potential customers.


Cold messaging is a lead-generating tactic on LinkedIn that costs nothing extra because it does not involve running expensive advertising campaigns or using complicated technologies.

While comparing LinkedIn’s cold messaging to more conventional advertising strategies like print ads or TV advertisements, the latter is a more economical marketing tactic. Cold messaging is a cost-effective method for companies to connect with their target market, making it a desirable choice for companies on a tight budget.


Cold messaging on LinkedIn is very effective. This is because you can personalize your message to your receiver by considering their job title, educational background, work history, and any other information they have mentioned.

LinkedIn’s cold messaging platform enables firms to customize their approach. Businesses can demonstrate to prospective clients and consumers that they share an interest in their unique demands and requirements by giving each person a personalized message. A greater connection with the customer and improved conversion rates might result from this level of personalization.

Measurable Results

Businesses may monitor their results and determine which cold messages on LinkedIn receive the most feedback. You can improve future communications campaigns with the help of this data, which will also boost their effectiveness.

In conclusion, LinkedIn cold messaging is an effective marketing strategy that may help companies of all sizes. Businesses can use it to track outcomes, reach a specific audience, become more visible, be cost-effective, and use a customized strategy.

Last but not least, by considering these personal facts and integrating them into a thoughtful conversation, your LinkedIn cold messages will result in an appointment.

How to Find the Leads You Want to Target with LinkedIn?

Use these cold messaging strategies to increase your chances of success when sending a LinkedIn cold message. 

Get in Touch with Them First


Sending a connection request comes first. This will indicate whether the receivers are open to corresponding with you and, if so, give them a chance to reject your approach.

You can proceed to step two if they grant your request.

Send an Introductory Message

It is time to introduce oneself if someone accepts a connection request. Spend some time creating a solid opening statement. 

Avoid using cliched greetings like “Hey there! I am John Doe. I came to see your LinkedIn profile.”

Instead, make your message more personalized by stating anything particular about the person or business you are trying to reach. Reading through their profile and postings will provide all the information you need to contact them.

SEO Optimize Your Profile

Ensure that the information on your profile is accurate, optimized, and relevant to the people you are trying to reach out to. 

Do not just send an unspecified invitation without any context. Ensure the prospects know they are speaking to the appropriate person before replying to your message.

The first step is to optimize your profile. It would be fantastic if you could clearly visualize what you do, your ideal client, and what they require. Make sure to address that in the profile text you create. Regularly add new accomplishments and information to your profile. Use the following tips to SEO optimize your LinkedIn account to send cold messages. 

Use A Professional Image


When prospects visit your LinkedIn page, they first view your profile image. It is how people start to know you, so make sure it is polished and favorable. Ensure that your image fills roughly 60% of the frame (close-up images are more memorable) and has a plain background (either a simple color or a simple setting). Moreover, dress professionally and make eye contact.

Include Some Personal Information in Your Headline

Do not just make your headline your job title. Use it to showcase your personality and highlight your motivations.

Say that if you are a sales representative who excels at informal social selling! Look at the headlines on some of your coworkers’ profile pages for ideas.

Display Your Services to Help People Find You

LinkedIn has included a Services section, so you may highlight your services on your profile. This function makes it easier for smaller firms to find freelancers, consultants, and other workers.

Perform A Skills Evaluation

Do a skills test on your LinkedIn profile. You can demonstrate your talents in a free online trial, after which you can display a Verified Talents badge on your account page. 

According to data, job applicants with validated abilities have 30% greater chances of getting hired than those without.

This is a practical approach to demonstrate to potential employers that you have the skills and expertise they require and can make you stand out from other applicants.

Do not Ask Multiple Questions; Write A Simple Message

You should only make one request when cold messaging someone on LinkedIn.

Making it simple for people to answer by keeping it brief and direct is the secret to gaining a response from someone.

Making people respond requires making an explicit request.

Avoid Penning a Novel!

Less than 100 words are the ideal length for LinkedIn cold messages. However, the perfect word count is 50–75. This makes it simpler for your potential customer to skim through and answer if they want to learn more about your product or service.

Anything less clarifies why the recipient should be eager to read your communication. 

Make sure not to overwork them!

Keep it short and to the point, and explain why they should read the message or, if appropriate, contact you.

Avoid Including Attachments in Your Initial Message

The first message is crucial because it initiates communication with the other party; therefore, you must leave a positive first impression.

We advise keeping your initial message to text. Do not email the person your résumé or any other materials if you want additional responses.

A straightforward message with an introduction, a short pitch, and a call to action will be enough to initiate a dialogue. However, if you try to attract them with additional details before sending the cold email, they may find it spam and delete it.

Search for Mutual Connections


It is crucial to understand that LinkedIn is different from Facebook and Twitter. You should not just randomly browse this list and request connections from everyone you like!

Choosing a name and sending a message or a connection request to someone you do not know may seem appealing.

Avoid doing this.

Before making any cold outreach, looking for an existing connection is crucial. You might increase your chances of conversing with new people by asking for an introduction if you have any mutual connections.

Use LinkedIn Automation Tool


Use the best LinkedIn automation tools, such as Octopus CRM, to simplify your life. You can carry out the activities we discussed in great detail throughout the article, including:

  • communicate with as numerous individuals as you like
  • track your performance in real-time
  • modify your plan while you are out and about

With the help of Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool, you can automate tasks, store leads, launch campaigns, and construct marketing funnels. In the LinkedIn analytics tool, which displays your social selling index, typical acceptance and response rates, and more, you may monitor the performance of your LinkedIn campaigns.

With Octopus CRM, you can identify the prospects you want to reach by gathering their first name, company name, email address, and other required details to create a highly personalized message. Do not forget to authenticate and verify the contact information of the qualified leads you have collected. Additionally, Octopus CRM enables the creation of message sequences and mass message sending.

LinkedIn Cold Message Examples

Businesses today must adjust to new and creative ways of connecting with clients and customers. This section will explore how companies may create compelling LinkedIn cold messages that draw the recipient’s interest and raise their chances of connecting.

Try to personalize as much as possible and adjust for different industries. Whether you are sending cold LinkedIn messages to the hiring manager or other authoritative, these cold LinkedIn message templates can be the ideal starting point to help you connect:

Example 1 : Short and Crisp

Keeping your emails short and crisp would help engage readers’ attention. They should be direct and concise. Avoid lengthy sections and focus on a simple message to read and quickly comprehend. Read the following example to understand how you can keep them concise and to the point. 

Hi [Name],

I hope you receive this at the right time.

I was considering it, and I came up with the ideal solution for your business to boost sales by [Amount]. If you could spare just ten minutes, I would be happy to discuss this with you.

I Hope to hear from you soon.



Example 2 : Provide them a Solution

Make sure when you reach out to prospects, you have solid reasons to start a conversation. Ensure that the message is not just about your company but also about the receiver. Instead of attempting to sell them anything, provide them with value and concentrate on how you can assist them.

Hi [Name],

Recently, [Article] caught my attention, and I thought you would too. [Add a few lines describing the article.]

Additionally, I wanted to inform you that [Your Company] provides a comparable [Solution] to assist [Target Audience]. Do you like to learn more about the specifics? It will not take long, and I will understand if it is not right for you.



Example 3 : Use an Engaging Subject Line

Make your subject line count since it is the first thing the reader sees in your message. Make sure it expresses the essence of your message accurately, and keep it brief and to the point.

Subject: We have a Solution For Your Problem!

Hi [Name],

I appreciate you contacting me this week. One of the significant issues that used to concern us, [Key Relatable Problem], came to my attention as I was investigating [Company]. Fortunately, we discovered a remedy, which was [Remedy].

I would be happy to discuss how my business, [Your Company], can assist you in rapidly addressing it if you have a few minutes to spare.



Example 4 : Include a CTA

Include a clear CTA (call to action) after your communication, such as requesting a meeting or phone call. As a result, the recipient will find it simpler to answer, and the conversation will proceed.

Hi [Name],

I appreciate your reaching out to me. While browsing your site, I noticed it had [Problem]—a problem that my company, [Your Company], specializes in solving. I do not want to force you, but if you’re going to learn about our solution, it will only take a few minutes.

Thank you!


Automate LinkedIn Prospecting with Octopus CRM

LinkedIn Connection Request Messages Examples 

You can also submit inquiries if you and your potential leads share cold LinkedIn connection requests. Finding common ground and tailoring your message for success may be made more accessible.

Example 1 : Exciting Business Opportunities

In the subject line “Exciting Business Opportunities,” the role is to capture the recipient’s attention and communicate that the email or message contains information or discussion related to enticing and promising business opportunities.

Hello {ABC},

You’ve been an excellent addition to the team at ” XYZ Company.” Well done!

I want to discuss a business possibility with you. 

But even if you’re not interested, having you in my network would be nice!

Name: XYZ

Example 2 : Mutual Connection

Make sure that there is a shared connection between the sender and the recipient, sparking interest and potentially encouraging the recipient to open and engage with the message.

Hi (name),

How are you?

I saw that (name of person) and have a common link. How did you first meet them?

(Name) and I completed our undergraduate degrees together!

Anyway, I also saw your profile and that we work in the same field.

I would adore talking with you and sharing ideas.

Let’s connect!

Example 3: Share Several Ties

there are multiple connections or commonalities between the sender and the recipient. It captures the recipient’s attention and suggests that there are relevant and meaningful points of connection to explore further in the message.

Hey {ABC}!

I greatly respect what you do at “XYZ Company.”

I work for “company name” as a “job title.”

I also discovered that we share several ties. I would adore a connection and the chance to share knowledge.

Regards, {your name}.

Example 4: Invitation to Connect

The role of Invitation to Connect is to clearly communicate the purpose of the message, which is extending an invitation to the recipient to connect. 

Hi (ABC). Life is both a long and short journey. We share many ties. You are cordially invited to join my network on the LinkedIn platform. Hopefully, in the future, our paths will run into each other professionally. I hope you have a fantastic 2023 until then.

(Your Name)

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InMail LinkedIn Cold Message Examples 

Looking for effective LinkedIn cold message templates? We’ve got you covered! Crafting compelling InMail messages is crucial for successful outreach marketing on LinkedIn. Here are some examples to inspire your cold messaging:

Example 1: Great Cold Message With a CTA to Use On LinkedIn

Make sure to include a clear CTA. It maximizes your potential. Schedule a call now to explore how [product/service] can drive your success!

Hi [ABC],

I wanted to get in touch with you since I observed on your website that you [Something about the lead or their company that makes them a good fit for your business services]. 

We offer [Product or service] to organizations like yours that cater to [Specific Niche You Sell To]. Our unique method for [Product or Service] entails [distinctive Product or Service Attributes], giving you the advantages of [Value of using your Product or Service].

Let’s schedule a brief phone call to discuss your daily struggles in [the company area or function your solution addresses]. Please choose a time to speak using the link below to my scheduling page: [Insert link].

Let’s talk shortly.

[Your name and the Name of your Company]

Example 2: Exploring Mutual Opportunities

Clearly mentioning mutual opportunities in the subject line conveys the intention of the message, which is to explore potential opportunities that are mutually beneficial for both parties involved.

Hi [Lead name],

I hope things are going well for you and your company.

The ability to connect with interesting people to easily share connections or ideas is something I love about LinkedIn in particular. In light of this, this could be an excellent chance to learn more about one another and our mutual organizations.

Could you set up a time for a quick call in a week? What concerns [Day and time]?

I look forward to hearing from you. Have a fantastic day!


[Your name and XYZ Company]

Example 3:  Give schedule link 

In order to capture the recipient’s attention, a subject line should be succinct, clear, and incorporate an intriguing or identifying detail. Incorporate the phrase “meeting” or “schedule.”

Giving Schedule link is best opportunity for readers to approach you 

Hi [Lead name], 

One of the things I love about LinkedIn, in particular, is the ability to quickly meet and connect with exciting people to share connections or ideas. With that in mind, this is an appropriate time to learn more about each other and our mutual businesses.

Please use my scheduling link below to pick a time to chat:  [Insert link].

Hope to talk to you soon.

[Your name and the Name of your Company]

Example 4: Give Solution Of Prospect Problems

Just as crucial as determining whether a buyer is a good fit is offering a compelling reason for a prospect to buy. There is no incentive to purchase if there is no sense of urgency, such as a prospect  pain point, a trigger event, or an internal initiative. Don’t limit your prospecting to businesses of the size and industry you regularly serve. 

Hi [ABC],

One thought persisted while looking into your business: How well has [Prospect Company] managed [Prospect Problems]?

Have you addressed [Prospect Pain Points] with all the resources at your disposal? There is undoubtedly room for improvement, and I can assist you [discuss briefly how you can].

What would you say if I gave you an excellent solution this [Day, Time]?

Best regards.

[ABC and the XYZ Company]

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B2B Lead Generation Outreach Connection Message Examples 

Looking for effective LinkedIn cold outreach message templates? We’ve got you covered! Crafting compelling connection messages is crucial for successful B2B lead generation. Here are some examples to inspire your outreach:

Example 1

Industry leaders share learnings request

Hey, ABC; I wanted to get in touch because I saw that you are a leader in your business. 

Always trying to engage with early adopters in your field. 

Looking forward to sharing knowledge. – (ABC).”

Example 2

Targeted prospects propel forward a request.

Hey, ABC; I wanted to connect because I like the tech and innovative work “XYZ company” is doing. 

I consistently share insightful information and valuable resources to aid my network in growing their businesses. I figured you’d be curious. (Your name).

Example 3

The first page of the search results

Hey ABC, your profile was at the top of the list of professionals in your business; I’d love to connect with you and learn more about what you do at XYZ company! (Your Name)”

Example 4

Recent founder request

“Hey {ABC}! 

You’re a recent founder, I saw. Congrats! I constantly share helpful tools and startup-related insights as a founder. 

I figured you’d be curious. Get in touch! (Your name).

Creating excellent LinkedIn cold messages is critical to an effective cold messaging campaign. Businesses may produce error-free, personalized, brief, recipient-focused messages and feature a clear CTA using the above mentioned pointers. When done correctly, cold messaging on LinkedIn can give companies more visibility, cost-effectiveness, and verifiable results.

Best LinkedIn Cold Messages Tips


The ability to cold message effectively is typically something you develop over time. It’s uncommon for someone to be naturally skilled at cold messaging or texting because mastering these skills typically requires a lot of trial and error.

Here is some advice to help you start strong and offer a competitive advantage over others vying for the same audience’s time and attention.

Make a Positive First Impression

You only have a few seconds to make an excellent first impression, just like in real life, so carefully select the perfect profile photo. Use all of the space on LinkedIn at that point. Utilize the background image to its full potential to establish a friendly atmosphere.

Pick Your Words Carefully

Your slogan and synopsis need to grab readers’ attention. It needs to captivate the audience and tell a tale. You want to make someone curious about you and desire to connect with you. Craft concise, impactful descriptions that highlight your unique value proposition and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Research Your Target Audience

Make sure your lead matches the profile of the person you’re looking for by conducting extensive research on your target audience. You want to avoid damaging your reputation by mistakenly believing someone in another field is on your own by attacking them.

Pay Attention to Their Sector 

Use this chance to be descriptive and personalize your message. Refrain from generalizing real estate agents as people or business owners if you want to serve them. More individualization is usually preferable.

Make It More About Them and Less About You 

Nearly everyone else who sends cold LinkedIn messages wants to market themselves. But only those can succeed are the ones who can link their promotion to the actual needs of the person they are contacting.

Provide Compelling Content 

Provide valuable content that entices people to return for more. Keep your posts fresh, engaging, and posted consistently to maintain a dynamic network. Doing so establishes yourself as a trusted source of industry insights and builds lasting connections.

Focusing on Measurable Outcomes

Speaking generally about your services is much worse than concentrating on quantifiable results. You offer the same service as many others, but what does that mean for the lead’s bottom line?

Creating a Clear Call to Action

When you go for it, include a solid call to action that the receiver can act upon. If you’re vague, you’ll likely come across as annoying, but if you have clear consequences and a clear CTA, interest, and response rates are significantly more significant.

Follow up

It’s all right if your initial message doesn’t elicit a response. Wait to follow up; give the discussion time to breathe. It’s important to remember that they gave you this opportunity by connecting with you. Please don’t blow it off, but consider the possibility that they are too busy to pay attention to you.


Businesses can utilize cold messaging on LinkedIn as a free and effective lead-generation tool to connect with people and create relationships. It is a powerful tool for connecting with current and new clients who need to know about you or your business’s services.

LinkedIn cold message is a powerful tool for companies trying to increase their B2B prospecting efforts. Businesses may boost their visibility, reach their desired audience, and forge enduring relationships with prospective clients and consumers by sending targeted and personalized messages to possible prospects.

But for LinkedIn’s cold message to be effective, it’s crucial to do it correctly. Businesses can write persuasive cold messages that grab the recipient’s attention and improve their chances of connecting by using the advice provided in this guide.

It’s essential for business success in the modern digital era to adapt to new, creative methods of connecting with clients and customers. Businesses may obtain measurable outcomes, cut marketing expenses, and meet their objectives for business growth by using the potential of LinkedIn cold messaging. Regardless of your experience level or where you are in your career, use LinkedIn’s cold messaging features to your advantage and start connecting with your target market immediately.