How to Write a Perfect LinkedIn Connection Request Message

How to Write a Perfect LinkedIn Connection Request Message

LinkedIn is a great way to network with all types of professionals: from recruiters to influencers and users that share common interests, it’s a great way to build your connections.

But when you’re sending connections requests, there’s always a chance some of them will be declined.

To help you minimize this, here’s our guide to how to write a perfect LinkedIn connection request.

How To Write LinkedIn Connection Requests That Will Never Get Declined

If you’re sending out loads of connection requests, only to find them all being declined, it could be that your message is ineffective.

Using a poorly crafted or default connection request message can seriously limit how many connections you are able to get.

Think of it this way: many users are becoming swamped with people using LinkedIn to sell to them. They’re expecting lots of spam messages. So if you’re initial message comes across too salesly or impersonal, they’re much more likely to reject it altogether.

Some of the most common mistakes people make when creating their messages include:

  • Talking too much about themselves or their business
  • Diving straight into talking about products, offers, or promotions
  • Using a very standard template with no personal or thoughtful details
  • Sending requests saying “I’ve read your profile” when they have not


These issues will raise alarm bells for your potential prospects. This is mostly because, a lot of the time, these prospects are being approached by loads of sellers who’ve done no research and just want a quick sale. Eventually, buyers will catch on!

And that’s why it’s so important to take the time to really think about the messages you’re sending.

Just a small amount of time and effort can make such a big difference to your results.

Top Tips on Writing LinkedIn Connect Messages from LinkedIn Influencers

Whether you’re connecting with someone you know, or someone you don’t know right now but would like to, make sure that you’re not using LinkedIn’s default message or your own standard template.

In addition to this, make sure that you’re not just clicking “connect” on lots of people’s profiles. If you do this, they might mark it as spam. And if you get too many spam marks, LinkedIn might suspend your profile altogether.

Instead, you need to develop a strategy to help you connect with people and build genuine relationships them.

To do this, you should always ensure that:

  • Your request is polite and professional at all times
  • You introduce yourself and include some personal information
  • Try and offer some praise, for example, how the person’s product or service has helped you personally
  • Make sure you research the prospect and include thoughtful insights in your message
  • Use unbiased questions to spark curiosity in the prospect

Effective LinkedIn Connection Message Templates

Getting your LinkedIn to invite messages right can make a huge difference to how many connections you are able to build.

So, if you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few examples of messages you can send in different scenarios. Remember to personalize them for each individual request!

  • A Colleague

Hi (first name),

I know we’ve never had the chance to work together directly, but I’ve heard great things about your skills and achievements. I hope we’ll get the chance to work together soon!

Until then, hopefully, we can catch up on our coffee break.

All the best,

(First name).

  • A New Colleague

Hi [first name]

I’m very excited that I’ve been given the opportunity to join your team. I’m very much looking forward to working alongside such a dynamic, talented group of people.

See you around the office soon, and hopefully, we can catch up!

Best wishes,

[Your first name].

  • A Former Co-worker

Hi [first name],

It was great working to you at xxx company back in 2014. It really wouldn’t have been the same without you helping me out with xxx project.

How’s your new position at xxx going? It’d be great to catch up sometime!

All the best,

[Your first name].

  • Someone You Want to Work With

Hi [first name],

I’m a big fan of the work you’ve carried out for xxx agency. Your work is very interesting, and as my business uses similar strategies, I would love it if we could work together on my next project.

If it’s something you’re interested in, you can get in touch with me at (email address).

Looking forward to hearing from you,

[Your first name].

  • A Recruiter

Hi [first name],

I’ve just seen that you work with xxx recruitment agency. As a marketing professional, I’ve been working in the industry for several years.

If you get a chance, I’d love it if we could talk and see if you have any opportunities that are suitable for someone with my background.

Thanks in advance,

[Your first name].

  • Someone You Met at a Networking Event

Hi [first name],

It was great to meet you at xxx conference last week. Your upcoming book sounds so interesting, and I’d really like to stay up-to-date on your career in the future!

Thanks a lot,

[Your first name].

  • Someone You Know Casually

Hi [first name],

It was lovely to meet you at xxx event the other day. I’d love to keep in touch and hear more about the work you’re doing for xxx agency at the moment.

I hope to hear back from you soon, or whenever you get the chance!

Best wishes,

[Your first name].

  • Someone You Do Not Know Personally, but Admire

Hi [first name],

I’ve been following the work you’ve been doing for [Company name] in the last few months, and I’m very impressed with how much you’ve achieved in such a short time!

If you get the time, I would love to speak more about your work and how you got the opportunity to work on this kind of project.

All the best,

[Your first name].

  • Someone in the Same LinkedIn Group

Hi [first name],

We’re both a member of xxx group and I always enjoy reading your posts. I find them so helpful and interesting.

It’d be great if we could keep in touch so I can learn a bit more about your work.


[Your first name].

  • An Alumnus

Hi [first name],

I can see from your profile that you also graduated from xxx university. I’m in my final year at the moment and can’t wait to get my degree!

As a fellow marketer, I’d love it if we could meet up and discuss your current role at xxx agency. It would be great to hear more about your role and what you do.

Best wishes,

[Your first name].

Final Thoughts

If you want to increase the number of quality connections you get on LinkedIn, being able to write an amazing connection request message is a great place to start.

By following these tips and guidelines, you can boost your chances of successfully building your network on LinkedIn.