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Why You Need Octopus CRM for Small Businesses

Why You Need Octopus CRM for Small Businesses

Driving sales is essential for small and growing businesses to increase income. Therefore, companies must apply practical techniques to expand their consumer base and increase sales to attain maximum potential.

In this article, we’ll discuss the following:

  • What is LinkedIn Automation?
  • Why do small businesses need LinkedIn Automation?
  • Importance of automation tools in boosting sales
  • Benefits of using Octopus CRM automation tool for small businesses
  • Reasons to opt for Octopus CRM for small businesses

Let’s get started!

What is LinkedIn Automation? 

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for those in HR, sales, and marketing; business owners and entrepreneurs can also use it for recruitment and marketing purposes. No, it’s not merely a place to connect with over 875 million other professionals. It is an excellent tool for assisting you in achieving your professional or company objectives.

However, you must always stay active on LinkedIn to maximize its benefits. You must set aside time to interact with other users to build your network, send messages, and post valuable information.

Like most social networking sites, keeping an active profile on LinkedIn takes a lot of work. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time, and like any other marketer, you’re short of it. 

LinkedIn automation can help with this.

LinkedIn automation utilizes CRM tools to carry out tasks requiring manual labor. Sending out connection requests, sending follow-up messages, and messaging potential clients are among them.

Importance of LinkedIn Automation for Small Business 

LinkedIn automation is all about leveraging tools to automate outreach processes that you would otherwise have to complete manually. Sending connection requests and follow-up messages are examples of this.

The contacts you connect with won’t be aware that they are receiving automated messages because the best LinkedIn automation tools resemble human behavior.

Utilizing LinkedIn automation tools is crucial for small businesses because it will save you time. However, there are also multiple other reasons to use automation tools.

Connect with prospects


Mutual interest is essential for successful social media marketing. Nevertheless, you don’t have to email each potential client a connection request individually. You only need to look at their profile and wait for them to contact you.

However, if your staff needs to do every step manually, this can be a complex procedure. You may view more LinkedIn profiles in less time by using LinkedIn automation. Furthermore, you can approach them to close the deal by sending a connection request after discovering that they also wish to build meaningful connections.

Automate Your Social Media Posts


A successful social media outreach plan will help you generate leads. You don’t want to post every social media message yourself while operating it. It is especially true if it entails working overtime because you have to stay online after work hours.

Instead, you may use a messaging system with LinkedIn automation. You can upload messages, and the system will automatically post them at predetermined intervals. It can reoccur during the day, a week, or even several months.

Save Time

Businesses can automate the lead generation process while speeding up the sales team’s performance. In the future, the team can use this information to either concentrate on other aspects of their roles or identify new ways to reach out to more clients.

Additionally, sending messages or connection requests while the team is at work might not always be a good idea. They can program automation software to send messages when they are not at their workstation. As a result, they won’t have to pay for overtime because they won’t need to log into their computer or account at home.

Gain Valuable Insight

After launching a campaign to increase leads or conversions, it’s critical to be able to go back and assess how well the campaign performed. You can retrieve and store this information using fully-functional LinkedIn automation software.

Additionally, the program must be able to present it in ways that facilitate prompt conversation. It enables you to share information with people in your business more quickly and speeds up their processing.

This data would be too challenging to gather and analyze. You may accomplish this almost instantly by using automated tools.

Why Do Small Businesses Use Octopus CRM LinkedIn Automation Tool? 


Octopus CRM is a strong yet simple LinkedIn tool that automates your job and has many fantastic features. A Google Chrome plugin Octopus CRM for LinkedIn, helps you with prospecting and saves up to 95% of your time.

With the aid of Octopus CRM, you can prospect and network on LinkedIn with comfort and security. Furthermore, you may automate various tasks, like sending mass connection requests, endorsing skills, examining profiles, and sending tailored messages. You may create your own marketing funnel by tailoring interactions with connections on LinkedIn.

Octopus CRM lets you keep an eye on your outreach effort by providing relevant data and trends. Additionally, it helps maintain control over your LinkedIn activity and integrates with other automation solutions to hasten the procedure. Additionally, Octopus CRM works with all types of LinkedIn accounts.

The Benefits of Using Octopus CRM LinkedIn Automation Tool for Small Business 

With the help of Octopus CRM, organizations can automate tedious operations and free up staff time for more critical work. Here are some benefits of using the Octopus CRM automation tool to help small businesses improve sales.

Automates emails and messaging

InMail is a specific type of email offered by LinkedIn. It has two times greater engagement rates, according to LinkedIn.

The instant potential consumers accept the connection request is the ideal opportunity to use InMail. It’s impossible to wait all day for them to accept your request before sending an InMail. Therefore, employing automation will make the entire process easier. 

Octopus CRM allows you to tailor the automated message sent whenever a prospect accepts a connection request. You can also design a unique template that is perfect for your company.

You’ll start observing an increase in sales after you stop wasting time and effort on repetitive chores so that machines can perform better and more effectively.

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Targets Your Efforts Better

You won’t want to send out messages that are a waste of resources, even when employing automation tools for messages. As a result, it’s critical to focus your engagement on those most likely to accept your invitations to connect.

Octopus CRM, for example, may do a search based on specified parameters that you specify. You may use the same automation tools to contact the vast groups of people that meet your needs that this can return. The sales staff can now focus on other tasks because you can complete the process with minimum supervision.

Generates More Leads

You can increase your opportunity to produce more leads by expanding your network. The best LinkedIn automation tools let you send as many follow-up messages as possible. That could significantly increase your conversion rate.

Simply put, you can produce high-quality leads and increase the number of leads that become conversions by using outreach automation tools like Octopus CRM.

Creates Better Strategies

It is crucial to use the information you gather about your lead generation efforts as you move forward to plan your following actions. You could want to check back on the data and make little adjustments, or you might want to figure out why a plan didn’t work.

You can start making decisions if you have the opportunity to carefully consider the data from your messaging, such as the frequency of responses. But if you don’t narrow down your target audience for your email marketing campaign, they will miss the intent of your message. In either case, you may use that information to inform improvements that will enable you to increase the number of connections you establish moving forward.

Quickly Grows Your Network

Using CRM tools may expand your network and make targeted connections.

You can connect with a lot more individuals than you could manually because you can conduct multiple connection campaigns at once.

You’ll have many more opportunities to market your brand and company if you have more contacts. Many contacts on LinkedIn also convey to others that you are a well-known professional who attracts attention.

Build Brand Awareness

Using Octopus CRM can help you increase brand awareness, even for connections that do not turn into leads.

Because the best automation systems allow you to add several links to your site, social media channels, and other online platforms, you can include multiple connections to your website and other online platforms. 

As a result, automated tools let you boost website traffic and raise brand recognition quickly.

Tracks Sales Activities


All businesses measure how well their sales efforts succeed, even though assessing sales performance varies by industry. Every business must know the difficulties or obstacles in the processes and the strategies that work for businesses to create a consistent sales process.

When businesses assess their sales activity, they note the following:

  • The phases where they lose the majority of leads.
  • Which salesperson generates the most leads for them?
  • How well they are reaching their sales targets.

Companies may have a lot of data, but the data is useless until they have the tools to filter it. Consequently, CRM technologies assist firms in producing sales reports to track essential parameters. It covers the allocated activities, the completed tasks, or a thorough summary of the sales reports. Additionally, implementing the analytics component of CRM solutions helps companies improve decision-making and boost sales success.

Different Types of LinkedIn Automation Tools

In general, there are different categories into which we can divide LinkedIn automation solutions.

Publishing and analytics tools

We start with the standard publishing and analytics tools. These aid in the creation, planning, and publication of content. Additionally, you may generate reports, collect feedback, and monitor the success of the material.

Connection tools

Then there are connection tools that make it easier for you to automate request messages and build valuable connections. These may be crucial in developing a successful outreach plan. However, be sure your tool enables you to convey clear, human-like messages.

Lead generation tools

When using LinkedIn for sales, lead creation tools can be a huge advantage. Due to the diversity of professionals on the platform, having a tool that can assist you in focusing on highly relevant leads can be helpful.

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Extractor tools

These let you extract data from various sources, including LinkedIn groups, comments, and posts. Data extraction is a crucial process in the creation of sales leads.

Activity automation tools

Last, some activity automation solutions perform tasks like automatic liking and posting. Activity automation tools can save you a ton of time by automating the time-consuming process of connecting with people and being active in the community because LinkedIn is all about creating meaningful connections.

Why Should You Pick Octopus CRM LinkedIn Automation Tool for Small Businesses? 

Octopus CRM is the most effective LinkedIn automation solution for assisting you with your outreach plan. It eliminates the problematic prospecting job, leaving you more time to concentrate on expanding your business. With the help of Octopus CRM, you can easily modify your lead-generating funnel while maintaining all control over your LinkedIn account.

In contrast to many other applications, you can create a customized funnel and define activity limits. Send a connection request, get it accepted, endorse your talents, and follow up if you don’t hear back. You can use this tool to meet your company’s needs.

Octopus is an effective relationship management solution that enables you to connect with and reach out to your target market. You may easily send customized messages to target profiles in your second or third-degree networks. Moreover, this automation tool can send mass messages to first-degree contacts. Octopus CRM is one of the best at creating effective LinkedIn lead-generation funnels.

Increase Your Reach

A LinkedIn automation tool can frequently interact with social media sites other than LinkedIn. Look for software that can simultaneously post to numerous accounts. It increases the number of individuals who see the post while maintaining the consistency of your content across multiple platforms.



Getting the content on your LinkedIn page to automatically update can save time and make your company run more smoothly. But you should also make use of personalization as much as you can.

Make your connection requests and communications more personalized to increase safety on LinkedIn. It decreases the likelihood of having your account flagged. Additionally, it’s considerably better for establishing rapport and a genuine connection with the prospect.

Precise targeting


You might be able to obtain highly qualified prospects more quickly with the use of LinkedIn automation tools than you can on your own. You can find the specific individuals you seek using filters and innovative search techniques. Also, you’ll be able to contact premium LinkedIn users only with the help of the ‘Premium’ filter since paid accounts are more likely to do business with you.

Withdraw irrelevant pending invites


Withdraw your pending sent invitations that are older than 1 month (make sure you don’t have more than 400 pending unanswered invites on your account). If you have too many pending connection requests, LinkedIn can prohibit you from sending new connection requests.

Integrate Octopus CRM with other tools

You’ll be able to integrate Octopus CRM with multiple tools (ZOHO, Pipedrive, HubSpot, etc.) via Zapier.

Export contact data


Once you connect with new leads, you’ll be able to access your new contact’s data (including email address, phone number, location, etc.) by exporting the information from the Octopus CRM campaign to a CSV file.

Automate LinkedIn Prospecting with Octopus CRM


Many businesses now use automation tools no matter how big, or small a firm is. Since time is money, companies are putting more of an emphasis on automating processes to free up time for more important duties. CRM solutions help employees maintain their time through improved productivity and seamless communication.

A CRM will streamline corporate processes by minimizing the need for repeatable administrative chores. Octopus CRM is a great automation solution that will help your business expand while saving you time and energy.