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How to Buy LinkedIn Followers and Connections

How to Buy LinkedIn Followers and Connections

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networking platforms with over 900 million users in 200 countries and territories globally. The numbers may seem low, compared to Instagram (over 2 billion users) and  Facebook (2.91 billion users). 

But, LinkedIn is still expanding and introducing new AI-powered features to optimize professional networking. Since the platform promotes networking, building connections on LinkedIn is crucial. Moreover, engaging your followers and connections is essential to attract them to your brand or profile.

Many companies and users prefer promoting their businesses to generate leads and build new customer base. It is an ideal place to introduce your products and expand your sales growth. Here, you can also find new leads and convert them into prospective customers

B2B companies use it for content marketing, making it a widely used platform to boost brands. 

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner looking for exposure, LinkedIn is the place to start. You might want to buy LinkedIn connections to expand your network quickly but that requires thorough considerations. We will discuss this further in the article.

It’s not as easy to connect with people on LinkedIn. Less engagement results from users’ inability to forge deep connections. So, this article focuses on the following:

  • Importance of high-quality connections
  • Websites to buy LinkedIn followers and connections cheap
  • Benefits and drawbacks of buying connections
  • Difference between followers and connections 

Why Are High-Quality Connections Important?


Fortunately, company owners do not need to establish relationships on their own. LinkedIn has made it simpler to make important connections. Moreover, it allows you to grow networks and increase business, but a lot of people still do not realize the value of strong relationships. 

As a result, they struggle to network while understanding the advantages. The following are some important reasons for why you should focus on growing your connections on LinkedIn.

Widens Your Network

Increasing your network is one of the key benefits of connecting with other LinkedIn users. Knowing more individuals makes it easier to ask them for assistance or advice. Additionally, having professionals and subject-matter experts in your contact list will increase your opportunities to advance your knowledge and expertise in your sector. Having a larger network also exposes you to a wider range of sectors. 

Profile Gets Higher Visibility

On social media, connecting with more users increases your chance of being visible. The more followers a profile has, the more visible it becomes on LinkedIn. It does not significantly affect your posts, but it does make your profile more prominent. Moreover, you will appear in other users’ recommendation lists. This increases the chances of connecting with potential leads or experts.

Enhance Social Proof

LinkedIn is the best place to look for work. Additionally, it is the ideal place for establishing the reputation of your brand. Businesses may quickly establish a trustworthy reputation by gaining more connections and followers. Your higher follower count serves as social proof.Therefore, you can leverage your company profile to draw potential prospects who can now trust your brand. 

Content Gets Greater Visibility

LinkedIn users engage with posts more frequently when they are about successes and professional accomplishments. These posts are accessible to your connections and anyone who shares in the success. This boosts your profile ranking and offers greater chances for you to contribute to your field.  

More Engagement

Everyone can relate to the frustration of posting information and getting little to no engagement. No likes, no comments, and no shares! Moreover, this is sometimes embarrassing. Do you know why these posts do not have the expected engagement levels? 

Because they are content-based. LinkedIn posts that have images with them receive 2x higher engagement. Moreover, if you have more connections and followers in your LinkedIn account, you will have more chances of interaction.Try to connect with diverse LinkedIn account types so you can reach out to multiple audiences within your niche. 

Reaches a Larger Audience

With more connections, you can reach a much broader audience. You will have increased chances of reaching a wider audience when posting on LinkedIn. This is because the people in your connections will share your posts on other social media platforms. 

Suppose you share content that resonates with your connections on LinkedIn. These users will share your posted content to their Facebook profiles or other social media websites. This will help you reach more people in a short time.

Opens Your Job Opportunities

More than 49 million people use LinkedIn to look for employment opportunities every week. Have you ever used the platform to look for jobs or volunteer work? You will have greater chances of exposing yourself to a diverse audience with more followers. If you have a broader network, you will surely get in touch with company postings about job openings. 

Boosts Endorsements

When you have more connections, you have greater chances of getting endorsements. This boosts your opportunities to apply for employment using LinkedIn. The recruiters will browse your profile to see how many people attest to your abilities and skills. Moreover, you will have greater chances to join a better firm or field of interest. 

Improves Your LinkedIn Rankings

Stats show that LinkedIn has 65 million decision-makers and 61 million senior-level influencers. The LinkedIn algorithm understands the profile’s popularity with the number of followers and connections. This helps in boosting your search rankings.

Is it Possible to Buy LinkedIn Followers?


Yes, buying LinkedIn followers is possible. Many online users buy likes, comments, and followers to boost engagement and visibility. It is common on social media giants, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. 

Additionally, LinkedIn users can increase their profile views by purchasing connections. This is because it’s essential to have more connections to win the respect and interest of other users. You can search for tools and websites to buy LinkedIn followers and connections cheap but make sure those are authentic accounts. 

Haven’t we considered restaurants or other entertainment places based on ratings or reviews? It is the same with LinkedIn. When your account has more subscribers, your credibility will rise. Make sure the followers you buy have correct profiles and are real individuals.

Is Buying LinkedIn Connections Illegal?

Many believe purchasing connections is a simpler approach to expand your audience. However, a lot of people think it’s not the ideal strategy to expand your contacts. This is because it violates LinkedIn’s User Agreement.

Furthermore, if the LinkedIn algorithm recognizes this, you will face suspension or a complete ban from the platform. So, if you do not want to lose the years of hard work you have put into making what your profile looks like now, avoid purchasing LinkedIn connections.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy LinkedIn Followers?

The pricing range of purchasing LinkedIn followers may vary. Since many tools help you buy LinkedIn likes, comments, followers, or connections, the price range may differ. Moreover, it depends on what you are focusing on. If you wish to have followers between 100 to 10,000, you will have a different price range, depending on your chosen tool and LinkedIn account types. But the average price is between $8.99 to $299.99. 

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How Many Followers and Connections Should I Buy?

The number of followers and connections you wish to buy depends on your profile. If you have 100 followers and 500 connections, things may seem dubious. So, if you have several followers and connections but little engagement, it may seem unnatural.

So, buying followers and connections should integrate with your promotional strategy. Make sure to consider your profile page before you plan to buy connections. But, if unsure, contact experts to tell you the correct numbers.

Where to Buy LinkedIn Followers?

Many sites can help you buy the right connections and followers for your LinkedIn profile. 

Since Linked User Agreement does not encourage users to buy connections, it is crucial to contact reliable sites. So, the next section will discuss the three best sites to buy LinkedIn accounts, connections, and followers.

Buy LinkedIn Connections & Followers: 3 Best Sites

Here are the top websites where you can purchase LinkedIn followers and connections. These sites will help you understand how to buy LinkedIn followers.

Media Mister


Media Mister is a media company that allows users to purchase LinkedIn connections, followers, and likes. It offers many features since it understands the social media platform’s potential.

The company offers a hassle-free method to allow users to use it. Selecting the preferred package and entering your LinkedIn URL are the two simple steps to use it. They have a secure payment process that prevents the violation of customers’ credit card information. 

It also offers a chatbox to help users find answers to their queries or assistance when needed. In a nutshell, Media Mister is an ideal choice if you plan to buy followers, connections, or likes on LinkedIn. 


  • Allows users to buy LinkedIn connections
  • Users can purchase LinkedIn followers
  • Enables LinkedIn users to purchase likes
  • Excellent pricing
  • Secure https site
  • Features are specialized
  • Skilled customer support
  • Can help with other channels


  • It does not offer a free trial



UseViral is a reliable option for purchasing LinkedIn followers, likes, and connections. The company covers all your LinkedIn activity, so you do not have to use multiple tools. With numerous features specific to users’ needs, they help you with company page followers, making it an ideal pick. 

Once you have entered your personal information and chosen the package, you can instantly see the results. The company promises to help your company grow. They have excellent customer service to help you with any technical problems. 

They ensure you receive timely deliveries and deliver purchased LinkedIn followers in one to two days. They also promise a high retention rate, which is ideal, especially when you start networking on LinkedIn. 


  • Purchase LinkedIn followers
  • Personable company
  • Buy LinkedIn company page followers
  • Purchase LinkedIn connections
  • Competent customer support
  • High retention
  • Good turnaround


  • It does not offer a free trial



AppSally cares about your brand more than its competitors. The company knows how to help its users with online success. It does not focus only on LinkedIn connections and followers only. It helps you with different platforms. 

The company promises high-quality features that are perfect for your objectives. Moreover, they do not work with bots while ensuring authentic LinkedIn followers & connections. Since the company is upfront and honest, the clients know what they are paying for. Such companies plan on being around for a longer time. They do not trick customers into purchasing and disappearing when users have technical issues. 

AppSally has an excellent FAQ section and an outstanding price range. This makes it among the best sites to buy LinkedIn followers and connections at a lower price. 


  • Offer numerous services
  • Premium Offering 
  • Feature-rich
  • Easy-to-use


  • High prices for basic features
  • Do not offer refunds

3 Advantages of Buying LinkedIn Subscribers

Purchasing LinkedIn subscribers has multiple benefits. Here, we’ve listed only three: 

Boosts Visibility

Purchasing LinkedIn followers boosts engagement and increases online visibility. The platform’s algorithm will also favor your profile but if the engagement rate becomes stable, you may experience lesser views. 

If you’re unsure of how LinkedIn algorithm works, give this a read: 

The LinkedIn algorithm only displays the snippets when you post content. The more you optimize your content with keywords and hashtags, the higher the engagement rate. Based on the post interaction, your profile visibility expands to a broader audience. Moreover, it also reaches out to engaged people on your posts. You become more visible online if the system discovers a consistent engagement rate. Therefore, it is essential that you regularly create optimized posts.

Improve Your Brand Positioning

Are you neck to neck with your competitors? If not, then providing top-notch goods or services at competitive prices won’t help your company. Customers prefer to buy from companies with positive internet reviews. There are many possibilities. Purchase of LinkedIn followers is one of the best strategies to strengthen your brand’s standing. You’ll notice the outcomes right away.

Draw in New Followers

Have you ever looked through a lot of profiles but decided not to follow them? Such profiles have fewer followers, leading to low engagement rates. However, more popular profiles will have the reverse effect. 

These profiles will organically draw LinkedIn users and entice them to interact with the profile. All this happens automatically.

Additional Benefits

Grow Your Income

When businesses have more customer base, their brand grows, and the business expands. However, to enjoy instant benefits, companies can purchase followers and connections. 

This will increase your current followers, providing more people interested in your business. Moreover, it will give you greater chances to convert them into potential buyers. In short, you will have more significant business opportunities, leading to more sales. 

LinkedIn Algorithm Recommends Your Products

LinkedIn does not only consider interested profile users but also the number of followers on a company page. The LinkedIn algorithm offers numerous benefits to company profiles with increased followers. Wondering about the benefits? The most significant advantage is that the algorithm will recommend your page and products. This leads to more sales and increased online recognition.

3 Disadvantages of Buying LinkedIn Subscribers

With advantages come disadvantages. Here we will discuss why LinkedIn users should avoid purchasing subscribers:

Unmatched Numbers

Purchasing LinkedIn followers will only increase the number of people on your profile. It does not affect engagement levels. Since the number will not match, you will notice a huge gap. Let us take the example of Amandine Bart, who currently has 19,804 subscribers.

One of her posts has over 600 reactions. To help you understand, we calculate the average engagement level. It is between 0.5% and 0.9%. Having an engagement rate above 1% is excellent. However, key metrics showed her posts had a 3% engagement rate. 

We all know that purchased followers do not interact with your posts. These followers are only there to increase your following. Therefore, your marketing strategy becomes impossible. Consequently, you need engaging content instead of purchased followers to increase engagement.

Losing Credibility with Your Community

Another drawback is that users lose credibility in your content. Moreover, they may create a bad buzz about your activity, leading to severe consequences. Having a smaller community is better than facing suspension. That is why it is crucial to abide by the platform’s rules. 

Facing Ban from LinkedIn

The LinkedIn algorithm identifies suspicious activities. That is why following the platform’s rules is crucial. LinkedIn may suspend or even ban your account if it notices unusual activity on your account. Therefore, to prevent account suspension, avoid purchasing LinkedIn followers. 

LinkedIn Connections vs. Followers


Connecting and following are two distinct methods to interact on LinkedIn. LinkedIn connections allow you to communicate with them (message, endorse, and suggest). They also help you expand your network on LinkedIn. This is the fundamental distinction between the two forms of interaction. Let us discuss the differences in detail.


LinkedIn comprises people with whom you have connections. You can send direct messages for free once you reach the first level of connections and your invitation is accepted. Additionally, you can view each other’s posts in your feed. That implies that you and the other person can see each other’s posts and articles. 

Second-level connections are those in your first-level connection’s direct network. However, third-level connections are those in their direct networks. LinkedIn allows you to connect with 30,000 first-level contacts but only 5000 invites. When reaching the stated limit, you cannot connect with other users, but people can follow you.

Benefits of LinkedIn Connections

  • Followers aren’t your connections; every connection is a follower by default.
  • You are more noticeable on LinkedIn if you have more connections.
  • You can discover more LinkedIn users if you have more connections.
  • Your profile appears more influential if you have 500 or more connections.
  • You can contact your connections, get their endorsements and recommendations
  • You can offer them your goods and services, etc.


You can follow as many people as you want on LinkedIn. Statistics show that with over 35 million, Bill Gates has the most LinkedIn followers.

When two people connect, they automatically become followers of one another. Moreover, they can view each other’s content on the other’s feed. However, even if you unfollow a person, you can still access their network and message them. You can avoid viewing their posts and shared content. LinkedIn does not notify you when a user unfollows you. 

By default, LinkedIn will show a “Connect” button to users who access your profile. You can change the “Connect” button to a “Follow” button if you are a content provider with a large following. Moreover, you can activate Follow First Mode if you want others to follow you.

Benefits of LinkedIn Followers

  • Your news stream isn’t overflowing with your followers’ posts.
  • Maintaining followers rather than connections keeps your contact list more vetted and organized.
  • Company pages cannot have connections; they can only have followers.
  • LinkedIn allows for unlimited followers but a cap of 30,000 connections.

How Is Connecting on LinkedIn Better Than Following?

Following offers fewer advantages than connecting. Here are some benefits to connecting with people on LinkedIn compared to following them:

  • Free direct messaging.
  • Network access, if permitted by the user’s settings.
  • in-depth search 
  • a possible rise in SSI.
  • The capability to invite individuals to groups, events, and company pages
  • Can endorse, recommend, and write a service review.


Although anyone can choose to purchase LinkedIn followers, gaining more followers is a daunting task. Account holders must work immensely hard to attract internet users to their profiles.

LinkedIn users prefer purchasing followers and connections to increase visibility and engagement. Moreover, it helps them get other users’ trust in their brand, increasing sales. 

It’s a fantastic way for companies and people to get more visibility fast and affordably. Moreover, it is a highly suggested tactic if you want to expand your LinkedIn network.