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How to Go Viral on LinkedIn?

How to Go Viral on LinkedIn?

A brand’s visibility and trust may suffer significantly if a LinkedIn post goes viral. LinkedIn users may immediately increase their reach and develop an audience receptive to their marketing efforts by producing engaging shareable material. For both individuals and B2B businesses, this may result in more leads and business prospects.

Furthermore, a person can establish themselves as an expert in their sector by building a sizable following on LinkedIn. You can expand your audience to millions of people and your professional network by knowing the essential components that make content shareable and utilizing the platform’s unique capabilities.

We will delve into some practical advice and LinkedIn content strategy in this article to assist you in producing viral LinkedIn content.

Grab Attention with Headlines and Engaging Content

In social media, headlines are crucial, which is also true of LinkedIn. Because too much stuff is already available, users often determine whether to read a message by quickly skimming the headline. 

The headline’s purpose is to draw attention and end the never-ending scroll. This can be a significant development or a surprising statement that makes your LinkedIn post stand out in a sea of similarly styled content. 

You can find excellent examples of using shock value to entice people to read the other posts. People hesitate to scroll down because they aren’t expecting failure stories on social media. 

Looking back, it appears the post successfully converted a derogatory statement into a constructive, value-based solution. Another thing to remember is not to sensationalize your headline to the point that it detracts from the rest of the content. 

When creating intriguing headlines, remember that LinkedIn only displays the first 140–150 characters before collapsing the remainder under a “see more” button. Utilize the limited space available. To arouse emotions, use the attention-interest-desire-action (AIDA) copywriting formula. A post cannot become viral if people do not read it.

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Post About What Is in the News

Provide what the public desires! Produce articles and provide analyses relevant to those issues that users find intriguing. Moreover, sharing such topics helps in spreading awareness on LinkedIn. 

There are various simple ways to access hot topics on LinkedIn: 

  • The Trending Topics newsletter sent to Page admins by LinkedIn
  • The editors of the LinkedIn Marketing Blog frequently write about hot issues, and if you subscribe, you will get a weekly email with summaries and advice.
  • Use the “Discover more” link in the left-hand sidebar of your homepage feed to view the number of followers for specific LinkedIn hashtags.

Tell an Interesting Story

Even the best first sentence will only get you so far. A LinkedIn share must also have valuable content to be successful. Additionally, engaging audiences through the narrative is the most straightforward approach. 

This is so because narratives are more accessible to retain than strictly informative texts. Stories change information from rote facts into timeless knowledge. 

Rich material that includes actual individuals will also increase the storytelling’s impact. Most popular LinkedIn posts contain videos or photographs of real people. Because it humanizes and personalizes the post, an image or video of an actual person increases the likelihood that people will add their recommendation or comment. Moreover, storytelling helps businesses to build a brand on LinkedIn.

Use SEO keywords, Hashtags and Emojis


Utilizing hashtags on LinkedIn is another crucial trick you may use to get viral there. Always have a specific LinkedIn keyword when you write the material or share it on LinkedIn. The hashtags cover a wide range of subjects and have sizable audiences divided into numerous groups, including followers in marketing, advertising, leadership, and management.

Using LinkedIn SEO hashtags enables users to “listen” to the most critical issues. Additionally, it improves your level of participation. Therefore, uploading content that falls under one of these categories will undoubtedly gain attention in one of these groups. Additionally, you will notice a lot of interest in your profile. That’s why people focus more on ways to improve their LinkedIn profile.

Emojis can also make reading easier. Thus, it has two different uses. You incorporate an emoji in an attention-getter at the end.

Why is that so?

People may pause browsing through their feed to read the first two lines if they encounter an Emoji. If they find it intriguing, they should click the “read more” link and read the rest of our content. It therefore makes sense.

The second method is cleverly adding structure to your LinkedIn article. For instance, let us say you have listed five things. You can add a finger emoji pointing at these various items to the LinkedIn post to give it more organization.

Have a Point of View and Be Controversial

Another crucial method to get viral on LinkedIn is to have a point of view. Users are not interested in reading posts of people who randomly publish content. If you do not have a point of view on a topic, people will not be keen on reading what you have shared.

Therefore, when posting on LinkedIn, ensure a point of view on your topic and then ask your readers to share their thoughts. It increases engagement while allowing readers to know what you think before they comment on the topic. 

Be Authentic, Vulnerable, and Funny

The lesson is simple: LinkedIn seeks content that quickly engages its audience. On the most professional platform in the world, users are not expecting personal stuff.

However, we do not suggest that you start posting ten times each day on LinkedIn images of your dog and vacation. Find the right balance between including a genuine, authentic, and personal experience or story and a life or business lesson.

On LinkedIn, letting yourself down and acting like a regular person shows other users that you are approachable, reliable, and like them.

Ask a Question

Use a CTA (call to action) at the end of the article to encourage readers to share and like it or leave a comment.

You might conclude your article by saying: 

  • Like if you agree.
  • Please share your thoughts with me in the comments.
  • What do you think about this? What are your comments?
  • Any recommendations? Please let me know.

Pro tip: You may also request that your audience tag other LinkedIn users who might find your content interesting. Ensure the question you pose to your audience is engaging and thought-provoking.

Mention Influencers


Your content can become more visible and reach a larger audience by working with businesses and influencers on LinkedIn. Working with brands and celebrities in your niche will allow you to reach their engaged audience and introduce your material to a new audience in your niche.

Collaboration can also improve engagement, making your content more shareable and likely to go viral. But first, ensure the partnership is appropriate for your audience and consistent with your brand.

Cross-posting on Other Social Media Platforms

On LinkedIn, something may get famous, but it never really takes off on Instagram. Learning to become viral on LinkedIn or other social media platforms will have different complexities and outcomes.

And it is all right. It is a learning curve that requires ongoing vigilance against the shifting trends from one platform to another. However, be careful to cover all your bases because republishing your material on each platform will improve your chances.

Bonus Tips

Join LinkedIn Engagement Groups


Groups are the most critical component of any social media network. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, networking on LinkedIn will help you learn more about other users and their material. 

However, joining LinkedIn groups will help you learn from others. They are incredibly insightful and illuminating. People generally appreciate and remark on strong and compelling stuff in groups. Your content is well-liked by people from many fields and quickly becomes famous in Groups.

You may also request likes and comments on your posts immediately from your friends and influencers. If you use this tactic properly, it will undoubtedly be successful. Be sure to join at least 5–6 LinkedIn groups that will assist you in getting viral and allow you to network with people from other industries.

Be Active and Consistent

Being genuine, posting frequently, and maintaining your niche-specific emphasis are all crucial for developing trust and credibility. Furthermore, it is essential to participate and converse with the readers by leaving comments, sharing other people’s articles, and starting dialogues.

Building connections with your audience, extending your reach, and interacting with them will help you engage them more. Additionally, you want to participate in dialogues by responding to remarks, hearing criticism, and listening to it. You will receive engagement by continuously executing all of these actions, which can result in viral reach.

Post at the Right Time

The chance that your LinkedIn posts will generate the most engagement increases by posting during active hours on the ideal weekdays. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the best days to publish on LinkedIn. Therefore, start posting more often on LinkedIn these days. 

Although most individuals are active between 8 and 10:30 am, you must consider your target audience’s time zone. If you share material when people are most active, you boost the likelihood that more people will see it, increasing shares and engagement and possibly causing your post to go viral.

Be Mobile Friendly

Because more users are accessing LinkedIn through mobile devices, posts must be responsive to these devices. As a result, text messages are best because a sizable part of LinkedIn users view posts on smaller displays and can have a spotty internet connection.

Additionally, it would be simpler to comprehend your posts if you break them up into small sentences using straightforward language. You should also put a blank line between each sentence to break them apart. Mobile readers will interact with your posts considerably more frequently if they are simple to read on a small screen.


Creating content that goes viral on LinkedIn is undoubtedly a challenging task. Most of your material may not go viral, regardless of your industry. You must remain concentrated and express your personality in your posts. Ensure that your posts are genuine and original.