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15 Best Data Enrichment Tools

15 Best Data Enrichment Tools

B2B sales experts understand the importance of data quality in achieving better campaign results (89%). Meanwhile, only 50% of companies are confident in the data’s accuracy. Frequently, businesses rely on basic details when making crucial business decisions. These include the prospect’s name, phone number, and email address.  

Unquestionably, any sales dataset needs this kind of information. Nevertheless, developing a highly customized and precisely targeted campaign is insufficient. Utilizing the best data enrichment software assists in gathering leads’ data points with greater accuracy. 

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • Data Enrichment and its Significance
  • How they Function
  • Data Enrichment Benefits
  • Differences Between Data Enrichment and Data Cleansing
  • Data Enrichment Features
  • Top Data Enrichment Tools
  • Differences Between Data Enrichment and Data Enhancement

What Is Data Enrichment?

It incorporates new information and extends a first-party database compiled from internal sources. Data enrichment uses data gathered from outside sources.

Enriched data expands the limited client information acquired and aids in marketing initiatives. Then what exactly is first-party data? First-party data is the information you voluntarily obtain from your clients.

Regardless of its source, all consumer data starts in raw form. You can get this raw data from any source, whether social media, email lists, or website traffic.

Customer information becomes available. You can store it in a central database, which is generally useless when collected outside a specific context. By adding outside data, data enrichment improves and adds value to the primary data.

Data Enrichment Pros

  • Complete an image: Data enrichment enables you to learn the most information possible from fewer data points. 
  • Take better actions: The aim is to make better decisions whether it understands which leads to calls or which website visitors to block.
  • Real-time: Since most data enrichment technologies operate by making API calls, you can get results quickly.

Data Enrichment Cons

  • Use only top-notch databases: A database’s quality significantly impacts the enrichment’s effectiveness. Your results may be biased if the data you enrich is inaccurate.
  • Increases cost: Are you employing third-party data enrichment solutions or creating your own? In both cases, it requires additional spending on resources.
  • Must work with your system: Data enrichment is typically simple. But you must figure out how to incorporate it into the company processes without disruption.

How Do Data Enrichment Tools Work?

These applications operate by automatically combining data from several sources. They utilize a first-party database as a backbone. The program collects unprocessed data and links it to external databases. Later they communicate the results to the actual database owner.

Reverse email lookup tools are a good example. When entering an email address, a data enrichment tool searches for it elsewhere online. It might be on internet websites or social media platforms. The objective is to increase the value of the initial raw data. For example, you can learn more about the owner using their email address. This can help you to make more informed business decisions.

Experian reports that 26% of firms want to spend on data enrichment initiatives to prioritize leads, target consumers, and ROI.

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Benefits of Data Enrichment

Sales and marketing can benefit from data enrichment. The following are a few advantages of data enrichment:

Accurate Data

Data Enrichment clears the data by eliminating the useless values and comparing them to reference values. It offers accurate and engaging data that is helpful for advertising efforts and boosting sales. There are many tools on the market for performing data improvement.

Improved Lead Scoring and Segmentation

If you have more data about your customers, you will have more precise lead scoring and targeting. Market segmentation and improved lead scoring will be possible with the help of data enrichment. You require data like geography, demographics, search trends, etc., to optimize lead scoring. Data Enrichment finds this information by sifting through the massive ocean of data. Moreover, it aids in creating a successful marketing strategy.

Enhancing Personalization and Targeting

Data enrichment allows businesses to build individualized marketing campaigns for each customer. Moreover, it provides relevant information such as emails, behavior patterns, and locations. This facilitates effective communication with the lead. Furthermore, it gives something useful in this cutthroat competition.

Improved Nurturing

Knowing more about your customer will help you concentrate on their wants and pain points. Data enrichment provides information that enables you to develop a successful leadership strategy. Moreover, it quickly connects with your target audience.

Increased Sales

Your sales will improve due to customized and tailored marketing, and your ROI will rise. It has everything interconnected. Therefore, enhanced personalization results from enriched data, increasing sales and ROI.

Why Is Data Enrichment Important?

The advantages of data enrichment are numerous. It ensures all the data points are correct and complete. This is particularly crucial for companies that use data to inform their decisions.

Businesses can use data enrichment techniques to complete gaps in existing data. This is frequently essential for customer relationship management. This helps them understand their clients and forge deeper connections with them.

Additionally, data enrichment can assist organizations in developing specialized marketing efforts. Businesses may develop more successful marketing plans that boost sales and ROI. They can achieve it by getting to know their target market’s needs. Additionally, it can make marketing and sales operate more effectively.

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Data Cleansing vs. Data Enrichment

This section will help you understand the key differences between data cleansing and data enrichment. Let us go through both terms to know how the two are different. 

Data Enrichment vs. Data Cleansing: Basic Differences

Data enrichment adds more current data to a database by augmenting it with information from outside sources. Data cleansing, on the other hand, involves updating outdated and inconsistent data.  

Before leveraging data pipelines to add new data, you must enrich the data by integrating the database or storage with other data sources. After accessing the data, you must do data cleansing by examining the flaws, discrepancies, and gaps. Once you better understand the data, you may begin to correct it.

Data Enrichment vs. Data Cleansing: Process

Data enrichment is a continuous procedure that needs close attention. This is because customer data is only a snapshot in time that needs updating. A database update is necessary when, for instance, an employee’s pay, phone number, marital status, or position changes over time. 

Businesses should frequently perform data enrichment. They should use third-party software and data preparation tools to organize and sync data using pipelines. 

The data cleansing procedure varies depending on the dataset and organizational needs. The four essential parts of the procedure are data analysis, data purification, and reporting the data. The following list of steps is for the data cleansing process:

  • Profiling: Accessing the data is the first step. It determines its quality to help users identify any problems that need fixing. It often investigates the connections between data items and verifies the accuracy of the data. Later, it compiles statistics on provided datasets.
  • Cleaning: This is a significant step in the data cleansing process. It occurs after repairing errors, other inconsistencies, duplications, and eliminating redundancies.
  • Verification: After cleaning, businesses check the data to ensure it is accurate and successful. Moreover, it provides data that fulfills internal standards and guidelines for data quality.
  • Reporting: The last step is informing the IT teams about the cleaned data reports. It addresses data quality trends that business executives must know.

What Is a Data Enrichment Tool?

Data enrichment tools combine data from various sources. It includes third-party sources in a single stream. Later, it provides an in-depth analysis you fail to obtain from the primary sources. It combines first-party data received from contacts directly or through your analytics tools. Your audience and contacts — potential customers and long-term ones — are the focus of this data. 

In other words, you’re utilizing tools to complete information about a contact. You can learn more about their business, their position, how to reach them, and other things.

Data enrichment solutions are essential. Most of the audience data is spread across a wide range of various tools and platforms. This makes it challenging actually to sync it correctly.

You may track users who interact with your Facebook ad and convert by downloading a lead magnet. This is because it includes a defined action. 

What happens when visitors click on an advertisement? Or visit your website often, open two emails but click only one, and attend a webinar without buying anything? Without data enrichment technologies, tracking all that data would be complex.

Therefore, you can see the entire client acquisition pipeline in detail using data enrichment methods. Moreover, you can understand how the various components connect. Additionally, it provides you with more precise and thorough information that the team can use immediately.

Data Enrichment Software Features

Email addresses, IP addresses, and phone numbers are examples of data points that data enrichment tools might examine. However, when picking yours, have the following essential characteristics in mind:

  • Response time: You might be content to wait for your search outcomes for manual reviews. A quick response time is a must if you automate your inquiries.
  • Integration time: Once more, you might come across data enrichment solutions that assist with manual queries. Consider how long an API integration may cause interruptions in your business.
  • Cost: Many data enrichment tools provide you with a free search. However, a paywall prevents access to the results. Before conducting your initial search, be sure to read the fine print.
  • Databases: A few technologies for data enrichment rely on outdated databases. For the most up-to-date information, you must ensure that yours keeps updating its databases.

Top 15 Data Enrichment Tools & Services

The battle between data enrichment businesses intensifies as the big data market grows more profitable yearly. While new businesses start, existing ones introduce new data solutions to survive. You may find numerous data enrichment tools examples online. However, here we will discuss the best data enrichment tools of 2023. The top fifteen data enrichment technologies, both new and old, appear below. Consider this list of the best data enrichment tools when selecting a partner to support your marketing efforts.



Datanyze is famous for its technographic data. It refers to a knowledge of a company’s technological stack and usage. The B2B contact information helps locate and connect with your prospects.

Using Datanyze’s Chrome plugin, you may gather information while surfing social media. They provide email outreach in addition to data augmentation. Moreover, you can also send personalized cold emails. This makes it one of the best email marketing automation tools. Additionally, split lists that are always exportable can be generated automatically. There is a 3-month free trial period. The starting price for Datanyze is $55/m.

Data Axle Genie


The Data Axle Genie was previously referred to as Salesgenie. It is a fantastic platform for enhancing data collection. With a wide range of rich outside data sources, it provides you with the most significant prospects. You can complete your clients’ profiles by using their personal information. 

This includes the following: 

  • phone numbers and email addresses, 
  • mailing addresses and geographic information
  • firmographics and industry
  • demographics 

Data Axle Genie offers a 3-day free trial, less than several other data enrichment tools.



One unique way to simplify data enrichment procedures is with Enricher.io. You may create a complete identity or business profile from any email address or domain. On a scale, it offers data on more than 2.5 billion distinct individuals. What kinds of information does Enricher.io offer?

  • Avatar, company name, corporate domain, 
  • full name, email, phone number, address, country, time zone

Enrich.io is also more affordable than most data enrichment technologies. The price per user each month starts at $10.



Demandbase was formerly known as InsideView. This data enrichment tool assists B2B marketers and salespeople with account intelligence. Moreover, it also helps them with addition, CRM data cleaning, monitoring, and unification across all stages of sales. 

They work with data enrichment and lead generation processes. These include the following:

  • omnichannel marketing campaigns (and tracking)
  • competitive intelligence
  • lead intelligence
  • lead builder
  • data segmentation and enrichment
  • lead management, and lead intelligence  

They currently have over 760 reviews on G2, with a mean score of 4.3. Additionally, the tool has helped organizations, including OneLogin, SilkRoad Technology, SmartRecruiters, and VersionOne.



ZoomInfo enables companies to collect precise and current information on their prospects and customers. The platform provides several features. The features include the following: 

  • data warehousing
  • data enrichment
  • data cleaning

ZoomInfo is a reliable alternative for small to medium businesses. More than 30,000 companies globally trust this enrichment tool. It offers a wide range of plans, pricing, and use cases.

It’s simple to set up enrichment workflows. Its collection includes data mining algorithms, web crawlers, and manual research. The platform assists companies in boosting lead generation and customer data quality. All you need to do to improve your CRM is link your ZoomInfo account to it.



This data platform offers B2B businesses various data solutions, including data enrichment packages. It has been around since 2015. Clearbit is most famous when gathering insights by depending only on distinctive data points. They access them from various websites, platforms, and social media. They also choose dynamic data over static data, making it the best data enrichment software.

Using the Clearbit method, businesses can identify anonymous website users. They can then turn them into highly qualified leads. Additionally, this application is simple to integrate into CRM systems. Additionally, they provide Clearbit API documentation for improved email enrichment outcomes.



LeadGenius is a very effective tool for data enrichment. It’s a cloud-based platform incorporating buyer personas, verified leads, and custom points. Moreover, it gives you a better understanding of the people you’re working with or willing to collaborate with.

LeadGenius can assist you in filling in any gaps regarding possible prospects. Moreover, it monitors potential buying signals, triggers, and events for any company you watch. They will monitor press releases, job ads, and social media activity to help your company decide when it might be time to act. For instance, if someone is considering scaling up, that might be an ideal chance to enter the scene with an Enterprise-grade solution!



FullContact assists you in extracting essential information from marketing contact data. You can use FullContact to search for the contact information of any prospect. It integrates with social media accounts,  email addresses, and CRM. You can extract the data from CSV format and transfer the specifics to any CRM program.

A unique function of FullContact is business card scanning. With the FullContact app, you can scan any business cards from customers to create profiles and get all the details you need for discussions.



Experian is among the most popular credit-scoring businesses in the UK. It provides global data enrichment services while focusing on finishing customer records. This can be helpful if you have to fulfill KYC verification and AML (anti-money laundering) regulations. 

The first step is validating contact information derived from personal details. It then cleanses and supplements up to 900 extra data items to develop a deeper picture of the customer.

Free trials of Experian’s data enrichment are available. However, knowing just which one to pick can be challenging. There is a platform for data quality and connection with Microsoft, Magento, Salesforce, and Oracle. But it is unclear how it relates to other Experian products, such as company credit reports, targeted marketing, or debt collection.



More than 5,000 businesses rely on MaxMind’sGeoIP data. This is because it enhances data on website users. In addition to fraud protection, it helps display relevant material and advertisements. Moreover, it obtains more accurate statistics and upholds digital rights. 

Businesses can find out about the ISPs and connection speeds of their users. There is also a specific fraud prevention tool called minFraud for e-commerce. MaxMind provides commercial licensing, precise web services, and anonymous IP databases.



Using Salesforce, you can focus on your target market of over 160 thousand firms. It provides access to a global database with over 400 million company profiles and ten million companies. Making the perfect customer profile is now simple. You can put these leads and contacts into your Salesforce instance!

Your sales processes can reach their full potential using Cognism. For more opportunities, let event-based triggers indicate when it’s time to act. Utilize the existing Salesforce data and add fresh leads to workflows that generate money. As a result, conversion rates will soar faster than before.

Utilize Cognism to unleash the potential of high-quality data. You can access reliable B2B data from trustworthy sources worldwide without hassle.



Leadspace assists marketers and salespeople in finding, creating, and closing more opportunities. Several firms have used this b2b data enrichment technology. These organizations include Microsoft, Intel, American Express, Zoom, Cisco, and IBM. Some of the key features are as follows: 

  • Segmentation
  • data cleaning and enrichment
  • filtering
  • search capabilities
  • account-level insights
  • lead analysis
  • lead scoring and rating
  • several CRM integrations

Most program users believe it to be functional, and many highlight G2’s customer service as a key strength. It has an average rating of 4.3 and 92 reviews on G2.  

Crunchbase Enterprise


Crunchbase provides access to an extensive database of investors and fundraising rounds. It offers chances to finance your company. However, they also provide their data for sale to B2B businesses for financial gain. 

They market their data product as “all-in-one prospecting software.” It aids in determining which businesses to target and which decision-makers to contact. 

Adding the Crunchbase to your CRM system is simple. You can also access it as a CSV file for additional analysis. You can use their data insights for market research or to improve email customization.



One of the top companies that offer technographic data is BuiltWith. Technographic data includes detailed data on the software your consumers use.

BuiltWith is helpful if your company wants to sell products depending on your leads’ software or technologies. You may provide WordPress-specific services or suggest other programs if your lead uses WordPress. Over 58K technologies are searchable in BuiltWith’s extensive database. BuiltWith offers three different pricing tiers: Basic, Pro, and Team. The entry-level plan costs $295.



Leadfeeder tracks website traffic for users to gather and rank prospective prospects. It is appropriate for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Integrations with services like LinkedIn and Google Analytics are available through Leadfeeder. 

Users can check out which of their current LinkedIn friends work for organizations that have visited their personal websites. You can also connect Leadfeeder to customer relationship management applications. It enables you to add leads straight to the sales pipeline. The MailChimp integration allows users to monitor email recipients’ online behavior. This makes it one of the best email trackers for Gmail

Leads are automatically rated and added to a queue depending on their quality. When specified businesses visit a user site, users can get email notifications. Leadfeeder’s users can save filters for visitors from particular companies, nations, or web pages. They can utilize these saved filters to look for past searches by the firm.

What Is the Difference Between Data Enhancement and Data Enrichment?

Both names refer to the same practice of increasing or improving the data quality by adding new information or qualities to current data. However, data enrichment is beneficial when adding other data sources to current data increases its value.


This article provides you with the top tools for data enrichment. In today’s business world, these tools are essential in numerous ways. They can enhance sales engagement, produce customized marketing efforts, and hire the best candidates. 

But which data enrichment technology is ideal for your company? There are many data enrichment solutions available. Therefore, the answer to this issue will vary on multiple factors. These include your business’s size, particular use case, and budget.