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How to Introduce Someone on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn introductions help connect the dots within the network and when you play a role in it, you actually act as a bridge between people. This helps foster a community of valuable connections that benefits everyone.

But, the real question is: how to introduce someone on LinkedIn? 

If you aren’t sure how to introduce people on LinkedIn, you’re not alone. It can be tricky for everyone but don’t worry because this guide has everything you need to introduce people on the professional networking platform. 

How to Introduce People on LinkedIn?

Let’s face it, LinkedIn introductions are the magic handshake that unlocks a world of opportunity. In fact, it is an effective strategy to boost your outreach on LinkedIn. You get to play Cupid, connecting awesome people who can do business together. 

But before you begin with a flurry of “Hi [Name 1], Hi [Name 2]” templates, let’s have a look at some tips on how to introduce someone on LinkedIn.

Relevance is Key

Imagine this: Sarah, a social media specialist, gets introduced to David, a data scientist who spends most of his time wrangling numbers. Not exactly a networking dream team, right? 

So, how do you connect relevant people? 

Well, be sure to focus on connecting people who share a spark. Maybe Sarah also loves using data to inform her social strategy, or perhaps David dabbles in social listening for his research. 

What we mean is that you should try to find a common ground that ignites the potential for a mutually beneficial connection.

Context is King (or Queen)

Next, don’t just play matchmaker but be the matchmaking narrator. 


Briefly explain why you think these two should connect. Is it a shared passion for a specific industry trend? Do their skill sets perfectly complement each other’s current projects? 

Give them a reason to be excited about the connection!

Tailor Your Messages

Generic messages are the beige of the networking world. This means you should write a good message on LinkedIn by personalizing it to the target recipient! 

For instance, you could mention a specific achievement of Sarah’s that caught David’s eye, or highlight a recent article David wrote that Sarah would find fascinating. These details show you put thought into the connection, making it all the more valuable.

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Let Your Personality Shine

Sure, you can use a professional tone but that doesn’t mean you have to be a robot! Let your personality peek through your message. 

For instance, it is good to add a touch of humor (carefully chosen, of course!), or a friendly anecdote that sets the tone for a positive interaction. 

How to Introduce Someone on LinkedIn Examples

So, are you ready to put your introduction skills to the test? 

Here are some specific scenarios and templates to help you write a perfect introductory message. Make sure to tailor these LinkedIn introduction message examples to your needs and the recipient’s professional background. 

How to Introduce Yourself on LinkedIn 

This might seem obvious, but sometimes the simplest introductions are the best.  If you haven’t connected with someone yet, you may want to start by introducing yourself. In doing so, you could mention something that caught your eye on their profile.

Remember, the standard “Hi [Name], nice to connect!” on LinkedIn feels like stale popcorn at a movie theater – predictable, uninspired, and quickly forgotten. And sure, mentioning something from their profile shows you took a peek. But you should try to dig a little deeper! 

Did they share a thought-provoking article you devoured? Just go ahead and highlight it, and add your own insightful take. Or perhaps their volunteer work resonates with your passion project. You could mention that, and offer to connect them with relevant resources.

Template to Introduce Yourself to Someone

Hi [Name],

I came across your profile and was really impressed with your work on [Specific project/achievement]. Plus, I was fascinated by your recent article on the rise of AI in marketing strategies. Your point about personalization resonated with me.

I’m [Your name], a [Your title] at [Your company], and I’m also interested in [Shared interest]. 

I’d love to connect and learn more about your experience in [Area of expertise]. Perhaps you’d be interested in this article on [Offer a relevant resource/article]?

Thank you.

How to Explain the Reason for the Introduction on LinkedIn 

When you’re introducing people on LinkedIn, it makes sense to explain the reason for trying to connect them. Why? Because it adds value and sparks interest. This holds true especially if you don’t know the other connection very well.

Here’s how to do it effectively:

  • Highlight a Common Ground: Focus on shared interests, complementary expertise, or even similar career paths. This will help pique their curiosity and suggest a chance for a mutually beneficial conversation. Example: “I know you’re both passionate about [Shared interest], and I think you’d have a lot to chat about.”
  • Tailor it to the Scenario: Adapt the explanation based on why you’re making the introduction. For example, for a job seeker, mention their skills that align with a specific role. And for colleagues, highlight an area where one can assist the other. This personalization shows you put thought into connecting them.

Template to Explain the Reason for the Introduction

Hi [Name 1], Hi [Name 2],

I wanted to connect you two! [Name 1], I know you’re passionate about [Shared interest], and [Name 2] is a real expert in that area. 

You both recently did some amazing work on [Specific project/achievement]  – I think you’d have a lot to chat about.

Thank you.

How to Ask Someone to Introduce You to Someone Else on LinkedIn

So you have found a great person to network with on LinkedIn but a pesky “2nd +” barrier stands in your way. Not a problem because chances are you guys have a mutual connection. 

But wait, you shouldn’t reach out to just any mutual connection. Sure, you share a connection with Jessia, but is she the best bridge to your target person, Michael? 

Always seek out a mutual connection who has a strong relationship with both you and Michael.  Perhaps you’ve collaborated with them on a project, or they’ve interacted with your recent posts, suggesting a familiarity with your work.

In your LinkedIn introduction message, you can politely ask your mutual connection if they could introduce you to that person and help you connect. Also, briefly explain why you’d like to connect and keep your request courteous and specific. 

Plus, show the mutual connection the value you bring to the table. Have you achieved something relevant to Michael’s field? Briefly mention it. Or maybe you have a unique perspective that could benefit him?

Template to Ask Someone for an Introduction

Hi [Mutual Connection Name],

Hope you’re doing well! I came across your profile recently and noticed we both connect with [Michael’s Name].

I’m a [Your title] at [Your company], particularly passionate about [Your area of expertise]. I was very impressed by Michael’s work on [Specific project of Michael’s].

In my role, I’ve recently [Briefly mentioned relevant achievement or skill]. I’d love to connect with Michael to learn more about his experience at [Michael’s company] and explore potential areas of collaboration.

Would you be willing to introduce us?

Thank you and have a great day.

How to Connect Two People on LinkedIn

The foundation of a good introduction lies in shared ground. So, before hitting that “send” button, ask yourself:

  • Do these two people share similar interests, expertise, or goals?
  • Would they benefit from connecting and potentially collaborating?

When it comes to how to introduce two people on LinkedIn, keep in mind that a forced connection feels inauthentic. As such, you should ensure a natural fit between the two people for a more meaningful introduction.

Don’t just say “you should connect.” Instead, explain why you believe this connection would be valuable for both parties:

  • Mutual Benefit: “I think you both could learn a lot from each other” or “They might be able to offer some valuable insights to you regarding [Specific challenge].”
  • Job Seekers: When introducing someone for a job, mention their skills and experience that align with the requirements.

Template to Introduce Someone to Someone

Hi [Name 1], Hi [Name 2],

I’m excited to introduce you two!  

[Name 1], your expertise in [Name 1’s expertise] at [Name 1’s company] is truly impressive.  

[Name 2], your background in [Name 2’s expertise] at [Name 2’s company] is exactly what [Name 1] might be looking for to help with [Specific project/challenge].

I believe you both could learn a lot from each other and potentially collaborate on some exciting projects.

Thank you. 

How to Introduce Someone to a Hiring Manager on LinkedIn 

Looking to help someone land their dream job? Here’s how you can do it through a LinkedIn introduction message to a hiring manager:

  • Know Your Candidate: Take time to understand the skills and experience of the person you’re recommending. This will help you highlight achievements and qualifications most relevant to the specific job opening.
  • Target the Right Hiring Manager: Don’t send a generic message. Instead, research the hiring manager and the company. By doing so, you can find someone whose focus aligns with the candidate’s expertise.

Template to Introduce Someone to a Hiring Manager

Hi [Hiring Manager Name],

I’m writing to introduce you to [Candidate Name], a highly skilled [Candidate’s title] with a strong background in [Relevant skills].

I’ve been following your work at [Company Name] and particularly admire your focus on [Company’s achievement]. [Candidate Name] is particularly passionate about [Candidate’s passion] and has a proven track record of success in [Relevant accomplishment].

I believe [Candidate Name]’s skills and experience in [Highlight specific skills] would be a valuable asset to your team at [Company Name]. They’ve expressed interest in [Job title] and I think their qualifications perfectly align with the requirements you recently posted.

Thank you.

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How to Introduce Someone to a Boss on LinkedIn 

Making an introduction to your boss can feel intimidating, but it’s a fantastic way to showcase your network and build trust. 

But how do you introduce the other person to your boss without seeming like a random name-dropper? 

  • Identify a Valuable Connection – Don’t connect everyone you know to your boss. Choose someone with expertise relevant to your company’s current needs or your boss’s interests.
  • Understand the “Why” – Why are you making this introduction?  Is there a specific project, challenge, or area of interest where this person could offer valuable insights or collaboration opportunities?
  • Keep it Professional and Respectful – Maintain a professional tone while showcasing your initiative and network-building skills.

Template to Introduce Someone to a Boss

Hi [Boss’s Name],

I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to introduce you to [Person’s Name], who is a [Person’s title] at [Person’s company] with extensive experience in [Relevant field].

I recently connected with [Person’s Name] at a [Event/Conference] and was impressed by their insights on [Shared interest].  

I know you’ve been looking for ways to improve [Area of focus] at [Your company], and I believe [Person’s Name] could offer valuable perspectives and potentially some best practices  they’ve implemented at [Person’s company].

Thank you.

How to Introduce Someone to a Co-worker on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to connect colleagues and strengthen internal collaboration. Here’s how to introduce coworkers on LinkedIn in a way that sparks new connections and fosters teamwork:

  • Look for colleagues with complementary skills or different departments who could benefit from knowing each other.
  • Have a basic understanding of each co worker’s role and current projects. This helps tailor the introduction to highlight potential areas of collaboration.

Template to Introduce Someone to a Coworker

Hi [Coworker 1 Name], Hi [Coworker 2 Name],

I wanted to connect you two! [Coworker 1 Name], you’re a rockstar in [Coworker 1’s expertise], and I know [Coworker 2 Name] is starting to delve into that area.  

[Coworker 2 Name], you’re crushing it on [Coworker 2’s expertise], and I think [Coworker 1 Name] could be a great resource for any questions you have.

Feel free to connect and bounce ideas off each other.

Thank you.

How to Introduce Someone to a Group Member on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn groups are fantastic hubs for industry discussions and networking. But how do you introduce someone new to a group member in a way that feels natural and creates engagement? 

Think about which group member would benefit most from connecting with the person you want to introduce. Consider shared interests, expertise, or current projects.

The person you want to introduce should  share interests or expertise relevant to the group’s focus. When writing your message, mention their name, title, and a brief description of their expertise or interests.

Template to Introduce Someone to a Group Member

Hi [Member 1 Name],

I thought you might be interested in connecting with [Person 2 Name]. They’re a [Their expertise] with a passion for [Shared interest], just like you! Maybe you can connect and exchange ideas sometime.

@[Person 1 Name] @[Person 2 Name]

Thank you.

How to Introduce Someone to Alumni on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a perfect place to reconnect with fellow alumni and expand your professional network. Here’s how to write a message to introduce someone to an alumnus on LinkedIn:

  1. Highlight the Shared Alma Mater: Mention your school name and graduation year (optional) to establish the connection. A spirited “Go [Mascot name]!” sets a friendly tone.
  1. Tailor the Introduction: Consider the strengths and career paths of each alumni member. If they share similar expertise or industry backgrounds, highlight that connection. Example: “I know you both graduated with a degree in [Degree] and have a passion for [Shared interest].” This can spark conversation and increase the potential for collaboration.
  1. Offer Help or Facilitate Connection: Maybe the alumni have complementary skills. You can play matchmaker! How? Briefly introduce one alumnus’s work and explain how the other might benefit from connecting. This personalized approach fosters valuable connections within your alumni network.

Template to Introduce Someone to Alumni

Hi [Alumni Name 1],

Go [School mascot]!

I recently connected with [Alumni Name 2], a [Their expertise] at [Their company], and was impressed by their work in [Specific area].

I know you’re a [Your Expertise] at [Your company], and I thought [Alumni Name 2] might be interested in learning more about [Area of your expertise] (or vice versa).

Would you be open to connecting with them?

@[Alumni Name 1] @[Alumni Name 2] (Optional – only if introducing to both)


Ways to Introduce People on LinkedIn

Having strong introduction templates is a great starting point, but truly leveraging LinkedIn’s network requires a strategic approach.

Here’s how you can use the various LinkedIn features to make impactful introductions:

1. LinkedIn Messaging and Posts

Messaging and posts on LinkedIn are the primary methods to introduce people to each other. 

When using the messaging strategy, you should ditch the generic method! Instead, mention a shared project, a recent article relevant to both, or a fun industry meme (chosen wisely!). Think about conversation starters, not scripts. This level of personalization shows that you put thought into the connection and want to add value.

What’s more? Briefly explain why you think these individuals should connect. Do they share similar expertise? Are they working on complementary projects?

And don’t just make introductions but also suggest a talking point or a potential collaboration. Finally, end with a clear call to action, encourage them to connect directly or suggest a specific topic for discussion.

Now, how can you use LinkedIn posts to facilitate introductions? Well, did you attend an event and connect with someone perfect for someone in your network? Write a post highlighting the event and their work, tagging them for visibility. This sparks organic connections and positions you as a facilitator of collaboration.

Plus, remember to only tag people in posts genuinely relevant to their interests or expertise. This shows you’re paying attention to their work and it helps foster a positive association.

Another great way to facilitate connections on LinkedIn is to tag relevant connections when sharing industry news or thought-provoking articles. This keeps them informed and sparks conversation on shared topics, leading to new connections.

LinkedIn Events


The next method is to tap into LinkedIn events. For example, you can participate in group discussions with relevant content and tag individuals who could contribute valuable insights. This positions them as thought leaders and opens doors for further connection.

  • Active Participation: Be an active member of relevant LinkedIn groups and engage in discussions, answer questions, and demonstrate your expertise. This establishes you as a valuable resource, making introductions more natural.
  • Facilitate Group Member: When you see group members looking for solutions, identify experts within the group who might offer help. Then introduce them in the comment thread, creating a valuable exchange within the community.
  • Event Networking: Online and offline LinkedIn events are also among the best ways to introduce people. If you want to use this approach, make sure to first introduce yourself to attendees with shared interests and facilitate connections before, during, and after the event. This way, your effort to connect people will feel more organic, resulting in stronger professional relationships.


Referrals are also a powerful way to introduce two people on LinkedIn. But remember to ditch the generic “Great person!” approach. Instead, highlight specific skills and achievements that resonate with both individuals. 

For example, if you want to recommend someone to a hiring manager, consider writing a direct introduction message, highlighting your connection’s qualifications and how they align with the open position. This extra step demonstrates your enthusiasm and advocacy for your connection.

But always keep in mind that recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn profiles hold weight. As such, you should offer them only when you can genuinely vouch for the person’s skills and work ethic. 


As you can see, introductions on LinkedIn are about building genuine connections, not just ticking boxes. So, don’t be afraid to inject your personality and a touch of creativity into your messages. Think of yourself as a networking ninja, wielding the power of connection to forge valuable relationships.

These tips and templates covering how to introduce someone on LinkedIn will help you add a human touch to your approach, transforming your network into a vibrant hub of collaboration and opportunity. So go forth, connect the dots in your network, and watch the magic happen!