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How to Write LinkedIn Messages That Actually Work

How to Write LinkedIn Messages That Actually Work

Besides being the world’s number one professional networking platform, LinkedIn has lately evolved into a leading B2B marketing tool. With more than 575 million registered members, the platform is a gold mine for the modern B2B sales pros. LinkedIn has helped professionals and businesses from all over the world to connect, thus creating opportunities for everyone. The network’s B2B marketing potential can be realized from the powerful sales tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn’s messaging feature takes center stage when it comes to using the platform for sales prospecting. But many sales professionals still experience difficulties when writing a LinkedIn message. For your message to generate a response, it has to be highly professional, personalized, and targeted. In this article, we will walk you through the process of writing LinkedIn messages that work. 

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Cold Outreach: Is it Worth Your Time?

Cold calling has become notorious, mainly due to the bad name that telemarketers have brought to it. It is annoying, and nobody now wants a telemarketer to call them, out of the blue, to sell a product. Certainly not! Gone are the days when people used to listen to the rant of a salesperson.

Despite everyone’s reluctance towards cold calling, some people still practice it to get leads. In a place like LinkedIn, you will get it more than you ever received on your phone. The good news is that LinkedIn cold email is still effective because you’re not interrupting your prospecting. Instead, they can read your message if they want to at a convenient time. 

If you are using LinkedIn for cold outreach, you probably want your target to notice your message, read it, and respond. But everything starts with getting noticed. If you want your cold outreach marketing to work, you need to warm up your game. Below are some tips to achieve your prospecting goals with cold outreach on LinkedIn. 

6 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Message Stand Out

If you don’t know what to say in a LinkedIn message, here are some helpful tips that can help you up the ante in your LinkedIn prospecting spree. 

1. Give a Hint From Your Target’s Profile Information


After connecting with a person on LinkedIn, many people wonder how to write a LinkedIn message. But before writing a message, first head over to their profile. Read their recommendation section, view their experience, skills, and organizational affiliations to understand their work ethic, strengths, and all. 

While you can give a hint in your message from their profile information to get noticed, do not copy-paste the same message to everyone you add. Instead, be specific, and more importantly, be personal with each recipient.

Just like a good content writer, engage your audience, ask questions, and build a reputation. Don’t rush to showcase your true intentions in your first chat. 

2. Find Common Ground

If you come across clients interested in your niche, product, or service, you should have something in common with them to begin the conversation. For instance, if you find that your client shares a similar goal, interest, or hobby, then mention it first in your InMail to let them know about your intentions. 

Once you are done discussing the shared interest in the first few conversations, it is now safe to ask them if they are interested in your services. 

But, be sure not to appear salesy.

Be like, ‘I was wondering if your firm is struggling in XYZ area, if yes, then I might be of your service’ and so on. 

3. Personalize Your LinkedIn Message

Writing personalized messages is as important as your passion for your goal – to be precise. If you are passionate about drawing your prospect’s attention, you must adapt your message to their needs, requirements, interests, and problems. 

Turn your email into a conversation when you are approaching them, so they feel at ease and comfortable. If you forward one message to a hundred people without any modifications, then they will eventually know. To make your prospects trust you, you have to first give them a reason to do so. 

4. Give a Heads Up for Email

In case you find a prospect’s email on their LinkedIn profile, it is a good idea to mention in your message that you’ll be sending them an email. 

But, why should you do that?

If you have already broken the ice with your prospect through LinkedIn, they’re likely to be more open to conversing with you via email. You can write a LinkedIn follow up message as a warm-up strategy and then use email to make an in-depth pitch, explaining what value they can get by doing business with you. The idea here is to use the LinkedIn message to build rapport with your prospect, so they are eager to converse via email. 

5. Add a Picture in Your Email

Have you ever noticed that you are more likely to open emails and messages that say ‘image attached’ or something like that? Why so? Because it is intriguing. 

Attaching an interesting picture, a funny GIPHY, or something else will make your email stand out among all the others. Once you have captured their attention, there are more chances that they will read your email. 

6. Trigger Curiosity

Imagine you’re watching your favorite show, and just as the secret was to be revealed, an advertisement flashed on the screen. How would you feel? Well, it will make you even more curious, and you’ll keep watching. You can apply this strategy to your LinkedIn networking message. While you can share your knowledge with your prospects, leave them wanting more. Don’t tell them everything in a single go; create a plot, but leave right before the secret reveals.

Automate Your LinkedIn Message


Automating LinkedIn messages makes pretty sense for B2B sales prospecting since you have a huge list to contact. It will save you a lot of time and will give you the desired result. Using LinkedIn automation tools like Octopus CRM can do the job for you while you rest or spend time interacting with your clients.  

Octopus CRM has lately gained traction among B2B marketers for all the right reasons. It is a user-friendly, game-changer Chrome extension tool that automates the time-consuming and hectic activities of using LinkedIn for marketing and prospecting, including messaging. 

Octopus contains variables to help you personalize your message. It allows you to mention your prospect’s name, title, company name, and more in your message. 


Getting results from cold networking on LinkedIn can be challenging if you don’t know the tricks. And now that you know what it takes to write LinkedIn messages that work, it’s time you get down to work on your next campaign. Take advantage of these tips to generate responses from your prospects.