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How to Find People Open to Work on LinkedIn

If you’ve been in HR for a while, you know how crucial it is to find the right people for your team or upcoming projects. Luckily, LinkedIn, the go-to platform for professional networking, is your best ally when it comes to recruitment drives.

The good news is that we have some simple tricks to help you quickly find those great candidates using the LinkedIn Open to Work feature. This feature is a handy tool for recruiters and hiring managers to find candidates on LinkedIn. It makes it easy to spot individuals actively seeking new job opportunities or project collaborations.

We’ll discuss two of the best ways to find people open to work on LinkedIn:

  • The LinkedIn Recruiter filter
  • Advanced search with Sales Navigator

Read on to learn how to use these methods when searching for Open to Work people on LinkedIn. 

How to Use the Open to Work Filter on LinkedIn Recruiter

Searching for Open to Work people on LinkedIn is super easy when you use the “Open to Work” filter in LinkedIn Recruiter. This feature helps you narrow down your search to people actively looking for new job opportunities. 

But here’s the catch: it’s only available with LinkedIn Recruiter, which costs a hefty $835 per month. On the plus side, this subscription gives you access to five more filters that make your search even better.

To use these filters, go to the Spotlight section on the left side of LinkedIn Recruiter. There you’ll find people open to work on LinkedIn. Once you’ve found potential candidates, you can send them personalized messages using connection requests or InMails. 

LinkedIn Recruiter offers more than just messaging; it provides tools to understand candidates’ work experience, build your pool of potential hires, get alerts about potential candidates, and improve your postings on LinkedIn Jobs.

But if you’re not keen on spending so much just for the “Open to Work” filter, don’t worry. We have another solution for you: LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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How to Find Open to Work Candidates on Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a more budget-friendly solution to finding job seekers, and it’s equally effective. Here are four methods to identify individuals open to new opportunities on LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

The “Current Job Title” Filter

  • This option is cost-effective, requiring only a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, which costs $99 per month, with a one-month free trial available.
  • Use LinkedIn boolean search to identify profiles with keywords indicating job-seeking intentions.
  • Use the “Title Filter” and “Keyword Filter” to search for terms like “Open to work,” “looking,” “seeking,” “job,” “opportunity,” or “opportunities.”
  • Exclude freelancers from your search by adding specific job titles.

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The Keyword Search Method

  • Expand your keyword search to cover profile sections like job titles, job descriptions, about sections, headlines, and more.
  • While you may not see terms like “open to work” or “looking for a job” in their job title, a quick visit to their profile’s About section may reveal keywords like “seeking” and “opportunity.”
  • While this method yields more results, it may also generate false positives, so exercise caution and double-check results.

Unofficial Company LinkedIn Pages for Jobseekers

You might come across company pages that aren’t officially affiliated with the company they represent. Instead, they serve as informal hubs for job seekers who are actively on the hunt for new career opportunities. These unofficial company pages are valuable resources for individuals seeking to connect with like-minded professionals in their job search.

To make the most of this resource, you can use the “Current Company” filter while doing your searches. This filter allows you to pinpoint profiles that are associated with these unofficial job-seeking company pages. By doing so, you can identify individuals who have chosen to link their profiles with these specialized pages, signaling their intent to explore new job prospects.

LinkedIn Groups


Another best way to identify job seekers on LinkedIn is by using the Group Filter. This filter helps you find specific LinkedIn groups that are created for job seekers. It’s like entering a room filled with professionals actively looking for their next career move.

To get the most relevant results, enter the job title you’re interested in. This step helps you find groups that are directly related to the field or position you’re hiring for. For example, if you’re looking for a software engineer, you can enter “Software Engineer” as the job title.

LinkedIn will present you with a list of groups related to your specified job title. Carefully review these groups to ensure they align with your recruitment needs. 

Once you’ve joined these groups, take some time to observe the activity of group members. Look for individuals who actively participate in discussions, ask questions, or share their experiences. These are often the job seekers who are most engaged and enthusiastic about their job search.

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Automate LinkedIn Prospecting with Octopus CRM

How to Message to Open to Work Candidates on LinkedIn

Once you have compiled your list of potential candidates, consider exporting it into a CSV file to extract their email addresses. You can complete this swiftly with the Octopus CRM Chrome extension, simplifying your outreach efforts. 

The best part? The Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool will also indicate which profiles are marked as “Open To Work” in the CSV file. 

With a CSV containing LinkedIn URLs and emails, you can reach Open to Work candidates in bulk using Octopus CRM.

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Remember, building meaningful connections and a rapport with potential candidates is essential. 

Here are some strategies to expand your LinkedIn outreach:

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: Before reaching out to jobseekers, ensure that your own LinkedIn profile is complete and engaging. A professional-looking profile with a compelling headline, a well-written summary, and a professional photo can make a significant difference.

2. Personalized Connection Requests: When sending connection requests, avoid generic messages. Instead, personalize each request by mentioning something specific about the individual’s profile or your common interests or connections. This approach is more likely to be well-received.

3. Craft Engaging InMails: If you choose to use InMails, make them concise, engaging, and relevant to the recipient. Clearly communicate why you’re reaching out and how your opportunity aligns with their skills and aspirations.

4. Be Transparent About Your Intentions: When connecting with job seekers, be transparent about your intentions. Let them know that you’ve identified their profile because you believe they could be a valuable addition to your team.

5. Showcase Company Culture: Use your LinkedIn company page to highlight your organization’s culture, values, and achievements. Jobseekers are more likely to be interested in companies that align with their values.


Searching for Open to Work people doesn’t have to be a daunting or expensive task. Whether you want to use LinkedIn Recruiter or LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you now have the tools and knowledge to find people open to work on LinkedIn.

Remember, every connection you make on LinkedIn is an opportunity to strengthen your network and discover exceptional talent. So, go ahead, put these strategies to work, and unlock the potential of LinkedIn for your recruitment needs.