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Create the Best Thank You Message on LinkedIn

Create the Best Thank You Message on LinkedIn

Growing your LinkedIn network is key to strengthening professional relationships. That’s why sending a personalized thank you message on LinkedIn can go a long way in helping you boost your reach.

In this blog, we’re going to help you learn:

  • What LinkedIn thank you messages are
  • How you can write a thank you message on LinkedIn
  • Why you should write a thank you message on LinkedIn
  • In the end, we’ll also discuss the best LinkedIn thank you templates to help you foster deep relationships

Let’s jump right in!

What is a LinkedIn Thank You Message?

LinkedIn thank you messages are notes sent by a LinkedIn user to show gratitude or appreciation for something.

There are various reasons LinkedIn users send a thank you message, such as:

  • When a person accepts their connection request
  • When they receive an interview call or appointment
  • When they read or react to a post or content
  • When you reconnect with another LinkedIn user

Why Should You Send a LinkedIn Thank You Message?

Showing gratitude to other LinkedIn users offers various benefits for the sender and receiver. For instance, sending a LinkedIn thank you message allows you to:

  • Show gratitude
  • Establish professional relationships
  • Improve your visibility and stand out from the crowd
  • Boost sales

Moreover, sending a short and sweet thank you note can improve existing personal and business relationships.

The Psychology Behind Sending a LinkedIn Thank You Message

Here’s the truth: people underestimate the power of saying thank you.

But when an individual receives a thank you note or a compliment expressing gratitude, it activates the happy hormones in the brain.

Moreover, the person develops a sense of fulfillment and belonging and makes us feel special. Since humans are social species, saying thank you helps them feel useful and do the same for you.

Overall, sending a thank you note is never the wrong decision.

Can You Send One Message to Multiple People?

Yes! LinkedIn allows you to create a group conversation where you can include multiple connections.

Follow these steps to send a message to more than one connection:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn profile and select the “messaging” tab
  • Look for the “pencil” icon 
  • Select the “new group conversation” field and add the people you want to the group new-message
  • Hit send on the message you wish to share group-name

How to Send a Thank You Message on LinkedIn?

We’ve already covered how sending a thank you message on LinkedIn helps you grow personal and business relationships.

Now, let’s discuss how you can send a personalized and sweet LinkedIn thank you a message to other users:

Using Your Keyboard and Creativity

The first way to send a thank you message on social media is to manually search for people to connect with and create personalized messages.

Although this method is 100% free, it can be time-consuming and exhausting. It’s helpful if you don’t want to grow your network but only thank a particular person.

But if you’re planning to expand your outreach, it’s best to skip this technique.

Using an Automation Tool

To send thank you messages on a large scale, we recommend using robust automation tools. Why? Because employing LinkedIn automation tool helps you:

  • Send personalized messages to anyone who becomes a part of your network
  • Send over 100 connections requests per day with campaigns

If you’re looking for an all-in-one LinkedIn automation solution, then Octopus CRM is your best bet. The tool automatically sends invites to your prospects and sends thank you messages once they accept your connection request. Besides it also endorses up to 7 skills of your contacts to warm up leads and convert them into successful connections.

Why Automate Your LinkedIn Messages?

Here’s why you should automate your LinkedIn messages:

  • You can save time
  • You can contact more people
  • You can develop your network quickly and more effectively
  • You can boost your capital and visibility

How do I Automate my LinkedIn Messages?

Improve your personal and business relationships and grow your network using a high-quality LinkedIn automation tool.

That’s where Octopus CRM comes into the picture! This powerful and innovative LinkedIn automation tool helps you:

Octopus CRM enters the market to help you build professional relationships by automating thank you messages, launching campaigns, and growing your network.

What Ways Can I Use LinkedIn to Send a Thank You Message?

Expressing gratitude and appreciation is key to building a solid relationship. Moreover, it’s an activity that will make you and the recipient feel good.

Here are three high-impact ways you can say thank you to your network through LinkedIn:


When it comes to LinkedIn, the ultimate expression of gratitude is sending an unsolicited and quality recommendation.

Expressing your gratitude through a recommendation lives on beyond the moment when the recipient reads it.

It becomes a part of their profile and adds credibility to their profile.


When someone helps you with something, you can express your gratitude by endorsing their skills.

Although we often overlook this feature, it’s essential for ranking high. Most people make decisions about LinkedIn users based on their skills.

Moreover, it’s an excellent way of being helpful when you can’t write a long recommendation.

Update Feeds

Thanking a LinkedIn user through a public post, expressing your gratitude, and sharing your appreciation makes them visible to your network.

Consider mentioning the people using the @xyz. For instance, you can write:

“I’m so fortunate to have @abc as my business partner in (company name). They can (add a feature that makes them stand out) and are a pleasure to work with!

Best Thank You Message Tips

Writing an excellent thank you message after connecting is trickier than sending it. When writing a note expressing your gratitude, remember to be:

  • Clear – Use the right keywords
  • Specific – Explain the topic that caused you to thank this person
  • Use Emojis – Humanize the conversation and convey emotions
  • Focus on Quality – Don’t overdo it; keep your note concise
  • Avoid Signing – Your name is on the screen; you don’t have to sign your messages

Let’s discuss several tips in detail:

Start Strong

Use an eye-catching headline to grab your recipients’ attention instantly. Ensure you craft something concise and creative.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Avoid writing overly long paragraphs; instead, focus on explaining what you’re thankful for and ways you can build a relationship moving forward.

Personalize It


Don’t copy and paste one thank you template for everyone. Your messaging may come off insincere and discourage the person from contacting you again.

Instead, include personalized details to show you genuinely care.

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Don’t Try to Sell

There’s nothing worse than selling on a thank you message. Your goal is to show gratitude and engage with the user, not convert.

Focus on Value

If you aim to build your network and boost sales, show your lead how they can benefit from you.

Show them what challenges you can and will solve while appreciating them.

Finish with a Question

Ensure further engagement from other LinkedIn users by finishing your note with a relevant question and prompts a question.

What Not to Add to Your LinkedIn Thank You Message

Building a healthy and organic relationship depends on how you make your first impression.

Thus, you must write a well-designed, catchy, personalized thank you message. Here are several things you should keep out of your note:

  • Don’t start selling in the messages
  • Don’t praise yourself
  • Don’t send an overly long and essentially boring message
  • Don’t use a generic, overused, and old message

LinkedIn Thank You Message Examples

Now that we’ve discussed the tips to remember when writing a thank you message. Let’s look at a few killer templates

LinkedIn Thank You Message after Connecting

Here’s a stunning template you can use to appreciate a prospect who accepts your LinkedIn connection request:

Dear (LinkedIn user name)

Thank you for adding me! I am super pleased to find that you accepted my connection request. I can’t wait to chat more about (you, your business area, or your area of expertise).

Would you like to arrange a meeting or call?

Regards (your name)

Alternatively, you can use this template:

Hey there, (LinkedIn user name)!

Thanks for accepting my connection request. I am delighted to be in your network!

(Add a comment something you have in common or you’re interested in learning from them)

Looking forward to staying in touch.

Thanks, (your name)

Thank You Message on LinkedIn after Interview

Create an excellent first impression on a recruiter by expressing your gratitude for conducting an interview.

Here’s a personalized and dynamic thank you message you can send to them:

Hi, (LinkedIn user name),

It was nice to chat with you. The conversation was super helpful and gave me a vivid idea of the missions and work environment.

I wanted to write a short message to tell you I am very interested. Thanks again for your time. Have a great day.

Kind Regards, (your name)

You can take the more formal route and use this template:

Hello Mr/Mrs (LinkedIn user name)

I appreciate you took out time from your busy schedule to talk today.

Thanks to you, I’ve clearly understood the job role and how to handle them. I am sure our collaboration will be excellent and dynamic.

Have a great day ahead.

Thanks again for your time!

Regards, (your name)

Thank You Message for Accepting Invitation on LinkedIn

Send a customized message to appreciate LinkedIn users that accept your invitation request by using this template:

Hey there, (LinkedIn user name)

Thanks for accepting my invitation request.

I see that you have expertise in (common field), and I’d love to chat more.

When would be a good time to set up a meeting or call?

Looking forward to staying in touch

Thanks, (your name)

Thank You Message for LinkedIn Recommendation

Express your gratitude to another LinkedIn user that recommends your profile by sending them a personalized thank you message, such as:

Hello, (LinkedIn user name)

I appreciate your efforts in recommending me to one of your connections.

It was really sweet and thoughtful of you, and I wanted to express my gratitude.

I also noticed (discuss a way you can benefit them). When is a good time for a quick chat?

Looking forward to talking to you.

Kind Regards, (your name)

LinkedIn Thank You Message for Congratulations

Grow deep connections with your network by taking the time to thank users that congratulate you.

Hey there, (LinkedIn user name)

Thank you for (discuss why they congratulated you).

I look forward to being in contact with you!

Thanks again!

Regards, (your name)

LinkedIn Thank You Message to Hiring Manager

Show your appreciation to a hiring manager after an interview, zoom meeting, or call by sending a personalized and concise thank you message.

Here’s a stunning template to help you out:

Hi, (LinkedIn user name)

I thank you for your time today. It gave me clarity about my job role, work culture, and responsibilities.

I wanted to remind you that I’m still interested in the job offer. Looking forward to staying in touch.

Kind Regards, (your name)

You can use a more formal tone by using this template:

Hello, Mr/Mrs (Last name)

Thank you for your time today. I now clearly understand my future responsibilities and how to handle them. I believe our collaboration can bring value to your business.

I hope you’re having a good day. Thank you again for your precious time.

Warm Regards, (your name)

Thank You LinkedIn Message after HR Round

It’s wise to express your gratitude to HR managers when they consider you as a candidate:

Hey, (LinkedIn user name)

It was wonderful to see (speak) with you today. I am interested in your offer and glad you considered me a candidate.

I appreciate your interest in hiring me and guiding me throughout the process.

Regards, (your name)

LinkedIn Thank You Message for Endorsement

We all know that endorsements play a critical role in helping you rank higher on LinkedIn and Google. To show your gratitude to someone who endorses you, consider using this template:

Hey there (LinkedIn user name)

I thank you for endorsing skills on my LinkedIn profile! Let me know if there’s any way I can return the favor.

Thanks, (your name)

LinkedIn Thank You after Reading their Content

An excellent way of connecting with LinkedIn users is by reading their content and offering your opinion or asking a question.

If that’s the case, follow these steps:

Hey there, (LinkedIn user name)

Introduce yourself (your name, profession, and expertise)

I read your post (add the blog’s name), and I couldn’t help but notice (compliment an aspect of their post).

That’s why I just had to (explain why you felt like writing to them). But I wanted to ask why (ask your question).

Thank you for your time!

Regards (your name)


By now, you’ve learned the benefits of thanking a LinkedIn user. Not only does it help you grow deep relationships, but it also encourages them to continue engaging with you.

Avoid copy-pasting the same overused template and automate this task with the help of Octopus CRM.

We help you grow your network and save time by automating highly personalized and attention-grabbing thank you messages.



Is it appropriate to send a thank you message via LinkedIn?

Most people believe they need to call or send an email to thank people. But one of the best ways to express your gratitude is using LinkedIn.

This social network helps you expand your network and grow deep relations by sending highly personalized thank you messages.

Can I send a LinkedIn message as a thank you note?

Yes! Writing a highly customized, dynamic LinkedIn message expressing your gratitude is the perfect thank you note.

How do you say thank you professionally?

You can say thank you professionally by using these tips and tricks:

  • I wanted to thank you for sincerely
  • I appreciate our meeting today
  • Thank you for your precious time
  • I enjoy and appreciate working with you
  • I am thankful for your
  • I appreciate your kindness
  • Thank you for your business offer
  • Thank for taking the time out for

How do you thank someone after networking?

Growing your network is key to building business relationships. To create healthy relations with your network, consider sending them a personalized and concise thank you message:

Hey there, (LinkedIn user name)

I appreciate that you accepted my connection request. I noticed that (discuss something you both have in common).

I would love to chat with you. When can we call or meet up?

Thanks! (Your name)

How do you thank someone for sharing their knowledge?

Express your gratitude to someone who shares their knowledge or expertise by sending them a thank-you note like:

Hi (LinkedIn user name)

I am thankful to you for having a quick chat with me today. You helped me learn a lot of new and helpful information.

It was a wonderful experience for me. Anticipating to have a chat with you again.

Kind Regards (your name)