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How to Get Phone Numbers From LinkedIn and Sales Navigator

If you like reaching out to leads via phone and need a list of phone numbers for this purpose, LinkedIn might pose a challenge. The platform doesn’t have a simple way to quickly get phone numbers.

LinkedIn is all about keeping user info private and secure. This means it doesn’t hand out phone numbers easily, making the task of creating a phone number list a bit tricky.

But don’t worry! We’ve got some legit ways to help you find phone numbers on LinkedIn without doing anything shady that could break the rules. Interested? Great! 

We’ll explore three effective methods to uncover phone numbers from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator: the manual approach, Chrome extensions, and bulk extraction. 

Let’s check out these effective methods and guide you through LinkedIn without any ethical concerns.

Automate LinkedIn Prospecting with Octopus CRM

1. The Manual Approach to Finding Phone Numbers on LinkedIn

First, we’ll explore the manual methods of searching for phone numbers on LinkedIn.

From LinkedIn Profiles

When you’re hunting for phone numbers on LinkedIn, start by checking the “contact information” section in their profiles for their phone numbers. It’s a crucial first step to finding valuable contact details.

On Sales Navigator

On Sales Navigator, it’s pretty much the same deal – you can see phone numbers on profiles. You don’t have to click on anything to see them since the contact details are right there on the profile. 

But here’s the thing: only a small number of folks actually share their phone numbers openly. About 5% share their phone numbers with their 1st-degree connections and a tiny 0.5% share it with 2nd or 3rd-degree connections.

Here’s the catch: relying just on this manual search can be a pain. It takes time, and you might end up frustrated due to the limited availability of phone numbers. That’s why it’s smart to bring in some backup – third-party tools.

These tools, like Chrome extensions or special software, make your life easier. They help you dig up more phone numbers, so you’re not stuck with the slim pickings from the public info. 

So, if you’re serious about finding those contacts, consider teaming up with some handy tools to boost your game.

2. Discover LinkedIn Phone Numbers Using Chrome Extensions

Octopus CRM specializes in getting contact numbers from your 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn as well as emails, location, company.

Let’s break down how to use Octopus CRM to extract phone numbers from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. Keep in mind that you have the ability to try Sales Navigator for free for 30 days and then decide to buy a subscription, compare the prices and features now.

From LinkedIn

  • Get the Octopus CRM Chrome Extension: Download and install the Octopus CRM Chrome extension. Once installed, a new icon will pop up on your browser whenever you land on a LinkedIn profile.
  • Use the Octopus CRM Extension: Click on the Octopus CRM icon when you’re on a LinkedIn profile. It’ll give you an option to find the phone number associated with that profile.

From Sales Navigator

Doing this on Sales Navigator is pretty much the same:

  • Visit Sales Navigator: Go to a profile on Sales Navigator.
  • Find the Octopus CRM Button: The Octopus CRM button you saw on LinkedIn will also be there on Sales Navigator.
  • Get the Phone Number: Click on the Octopus CRM icon to reveal the phone number linked to the Sales Navigator profile.

Is it Effective?

While this method works well for a small number of phone numbers, it might not be the quickest for a large-scale operation. You have to do it manually for each profile, which can take time.

3. Obtain Phone Numbers from LinkedIn in Bulk

If you’re dealing with a lot of leads, you might want to explore other methods, like using tools for bulk extraction. 

Let’s see how to use Octopus CRM to extract phone numbers in bulk from LinkedIn:

From LinkedIn

  • Search on LinkedIn: Start by searching on LinkedIn to make a list of potential leads.
  • Export with Octopus CRM: Use Octopus CRM to save your LinkedIn search results in a CSV file. Just follow the instructions they provide during the export.

Limitations and Solutions

Here’s the deal: LinkedIn’s basic search only gives you 1000 results. But, if you’re using Octopus CRM Chrome extension and Sales Navigator together, you can amp it up to 2500 results

This combo lets you go beyond LinkedIn’s limits, giving you a larger pool of potential contacts and more phone numbers for your LinkedIn outreach.

From Sales Navigator

The process involves building a lead list, exporting it to CSV using the Octopus CRM Chrome extension.

1. Build a Lead List on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Go to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Use the search and filters to define your lead criteria.
  • Add potential leads to your Sales Navigator lead list or lead search.

But keep in mind that you can’t use this approach for company accounts. Octopus CRM focuses on fetching phone numbers from 1st-degree connections and doesn’t include the ability to find company phone numbers.

2. Export the Lead List With Octopus CRM

  • Install the Octopus CRM Chrome extension.
  • Head over to the “Extract With Octopus CRM” button and click on it.
  • Give your search a unique name.
  • Initiate the extraction process.
  • Wait for the output.

After the extraction is complete, you can obtain the CSV file by clicking on the download icon.

With these steps, you seamlessly combine Sales Navigator’s lead-building features with Octopus CRM’s LinkedIn automation, giving your lead generation a significant boost. Now, armed with a robust list of leads and their contact details, you’re ready to power up your sales pipeline with effective outreach and engagement. Easy and efficient!


Getting phone numbers from LinkedIn can be a bit of a puzzle, but we’ve cracked it for you. Using the manual approach, you can check profiles for numbers, but it’s a slow dance, and not everyone’s sharing their contact details.

Thankfully, Octopus CRM allows your wizard to get the phone numbers of a lot of leads in a single go. Remember, LinkedIn has a 1000-results cap, but with Sales Navigator and Octopus CRM, you can push it to 2500. Just a heads up, though – no luck with company accounts.

Your most profitable move?

  • Build on Sales Navigator.
  • Export with Octopus CRM.

Now you’re mixing Sales Navigator’s moves with Octopus CRM automation. Your lead game just got a power-up. Try Octopus CRM free trial today!