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How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Free?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for B2B sales professionals, and here’s a game-changing revelation – you can actually use it for free in the form of a free trial. Plus, you can take multiple trials using different credit cards and accounts.

While you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for free, you’ll only unlock the data, missing out on the additional features crucial for effective lead generation – particularly Lead/Account Lists and Saved Searches. 

But the good news is that even without access to advanced features, you can extract as much data as possible during the trial period. 

Let’s explore how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator without breaking the bank.

What Is Free 30 Day Trial of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, with its plethora of premium features, can be a bit hefty on the pocket, especially for those kickstarting their businesses. 

However, fear not, for there’s a lifeline – a one-month free trial that grants you unrestricted access to the LinkedIn database. Plus, you get free access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator filters, which you can use to find leads and prospects. 

Put in simple words, you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for free for a limited time and use some of its powerful features. 

If you want to tap into this opportunity, simply click on “Work” and select “Find Leads”. Then choose Sales Navigator Core, hit “Start my free month”, and voila! 

You’re in for a month of unparalleled data extraction. 

You’ve got a whole month to explore the entire LinkedIn database.

Now, the idea is to make the most of this month by grabbing all the data you need before the free trial wraps up. This way, you can create the perfect lead lists for your LinkedIn prospecting campaigns.

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How to Get LinkedIn Sales Navigator Free for 2 Months?

Now, what if 30 days aren’t enough to meet your lead-hunting objective? 

Here’s a savvy move – create another LinkedIn account and get an additional free trial. But hold on, there are a couple of tricks up our sleeves. 

First, switch up your credit card to outsmart LinkedIn’s watchful eye. 

Second, warm up your new account for a week to avoid any restrictions. LinkedIn is vigilant about preventing abuse, so tread lightly.

How to Maximize LinkedIn Sales Navigator During Free Trial

Alright, you’ve secured your free trial(s), and now it’s time to make the most of it. 

Your mission: extract as much valuable data as possible within the trial period.  After all, the key here is data – and lots of it. Your goal is to mine it for all it’s worth before the trial clock runs out. 

But here’s a tip: you don’t have to stay subscribed for months. Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool can be your ally, allowing you to export up to 70,000 leads during a 30-day free trial. Efficiency at its finest!

To achieve this, simply install the Octopus CRM Chrome extension. Once the installation is complete, a nifty addition awaits you – the “Export Contacts” button will seamlessly integrate into your Sales Navigator interface.

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Why You Should Consider Buying LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for free is fantastic for extracting data, but it comes with limitations. If you’re serious about LinkedIn lead generation, consider investing in the full version. 

Why? Because the premium features, like list creation for Account Based Marketing, saved searches for autopilot lead generation, smart links, and CSV upload, are game-changers. 

But before you decide to get a full version, be sure to check out LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing plans and after that answer the question: is LinkedIn Sales Navigator worth it?

With the techniques shared here, you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for free, tapping into its robust search filters and data for a limited time. 

So, go ahead, make the most of your free trials, but remember – the real power lies in seizing the complete LinkedIn Sales Navigator experience. Ready to elevate your LinkedIn game? The choice is yours!