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How Much Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost?

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting or lead generation is exciting, but there are some critical questions: How much does it cost?

We’ll explore LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing plans so you can make a smart investment in your business. We’ll also give you a sneak peek into the benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator Pricing 

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator price depends on the type of plan you choose. This tool is available in three pricing plans:

Sales Navigator Core

  • Monthly Cost: $99
  • Annual Cost: $79.99/month (25% discount for annual payment)

Sales Navigator Advanced

  • Monthly Cost: $149
  • Annual Cost: $108.33/month (25% discount for annual payment)

Sales Navigator Advanced Plus

  • Annual Cost: Starts at $1600 per year

Understanding the LinkedIn Sales Navigator price is pivotal, but what sets LinkedIn Sales Navigator apart is the value each plan brings to the table.

Automate LinkedIn Prospecting with Octopus CRM

Sales Navigator Core Pricing

The Sales Navigator Core (Professional) plan, priced at $79.99 per month with an enticing 25% discount for annual commitments, is a great option for new B2B sales and marketing professionals.

It’s not just cost-effective; it’s a strategic investment. This plan provides access to fundamental features, including the following:

  • Advanced filters facilitating lead and account searches
  • Notifications for lead and account activities
  • The ability to tailor custom lead and account lists
  • Ease of managing saved searches

Sales Navigator Advanced Pricing

The Sales Navigator Advanced plan, though a slightly higher investment at $108.33 per month (or $1300 per year with the annual discount), is tailored for professionals looking for additional features. 

With this plan, you gain access to the following extra features: 

  • Smartlinks for content sharing and prospect engagement tracking
  • Teamlinks to help you access 2nd and 3rd connections of your team members
  • CSV upload functionality to generate account lists from file uploads

Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Pricing

Sales Navigator Advanced Plus doesn’t have a fixed price. Instead, you’ll see a webpage asking you to book a demo when you try to opt for this plan. 

While the exact cost isn’t fixed, it usually starts at around $1,600 per seat per year. Your final price depends on what you need, and a special Account Manager will chat with you to figure out the details.

This top-tier plan includes advanced features, including:

  • Teamlink Extend, allowing access to 2nd and 3rd-degree connections of all your teammates
  • Real-Time Contact Update that sends you notifications when a prospect or lead stored in your CRM switches jobs
  • Advanced CRM Integration, seamlessly incorporating all LinkedIn data into your CRM

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator With Octopus CRM

No matter which Sales Navigator pricing plan you opt for, one common challenge persists — exporting lead lists into a CSV is not a native feature. This is where Octopus CRM steps in with its LinkedIn automation Chrome extension. With just one click, Octopus CRM allows effortless lead export.

The value of Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool extends beyond mere export capabilities. 

This LinkedIn automation tool automates lead qualification, ensuring the relevance of your results. It detects and eliminates irrelevant leads that don’t align with your Sales Navigator search filters

This means Octopus CRM adds a layer of precision to your outreach. It compares your results with the original search filters, offering a detailed check on your leads.

If you’re looking to streamline your LinkedIn prospecting process, Octopus CRM is your ally, saving time on data cleaning and lead qualification.

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Understanding the LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing plans is just the beginning of your journey. Each pricing plan — Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus — brings its own set of advantages, so you just have to decide if it’s worth the price?

When coupled with Octopus CRM, the synergy created is transformative. It’s not just about spending; it’s about investing wisely in a tool that can revolutionize your LinkedIn outreach strategy. 

So, start this journey today, select the plan that aligns with your objectives, and unlock the true potential of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Octopus CRM for your business growth. Your investment today could be the catalyst for your success tomorrow.