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How to Manage LinkedIn Message Read Receipts

How to Manage LinkedIn Message Read Receipts

LinkedIn plays a vital role in helping users connect with other LinkedIn users. With numerous features available on the platform, it has become easier to connect to profiles and make strong connections. With more connections, LinkedIn users often receive unwanted messages in their inboxes. Therefore, the platform allows its users to control their profile settings according to their preference to avoid letting others know they have read their message.

Recently, LinkedIn introduced a new feature: read receipts. It allows the users to turn on or off the toggle depending on their requirements. If this is your first time hearing about this feature, help us to tell you:

  • What reading receipts are
  • How you can enable read receipts on LinkedIn
  • Who needs to active LinkedIn’s read confirmation feature
  • And most importantly, the benefits of using the read receipts feature

Let’s jump right in!

What are LinkedIn Read Receipts?

Have you ever sent a message on LinkedIn and wondered whether the recipient had opened it? Luckily, now you can identify whether the LinkedIn user has received your message and whether it hit the mark.

LinkedIn’s innovative read receipts indicate whether the other person has opened and read your message. Users can see a small icon appearing at the bottom right of your message thread. You can turn on or off the feature depending on your usage.

While using LinkedIn on a desktop, the users can hover the cursor of the icon to know if the receiver has read the message and shows the time when the user has read it. Moreover, an additional feature – typing indicator, shows the sender of the receiver is typing a response.

How to Activate Reading Receipts?

Knowing if someone has read your message depends on your privacy settings. LinkedIn has specific settings for turning on the read receipt feature, but you have to turn it on before sending a message to LinkedIn users. It allows you to know if the user has received it.

Moreover, activating reading receipts on LinkedIn helps you identify whether the recipient has read your message. Here is how you can enable receipts on LinkedIn:

Enable LinkedIn Read Receipts on Desktop

Follow these steps to enable LinkedIn to read receipts on the web:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account
  • Click on the ‘View My Profile’ button
  • Navigate the ‘Settings&Privacy’ option
  • Choose the ‘Communications’ button from the pop-up window
  • Navigate the ‘Messaging Experience’ section and choose the ‘Read Receipts and Typing Indicators’ messaging-experience
  • Switch the button to turn it on and click on the ‘Save’ button 

Enable LinkedIn Read Receipts on Mobile

If you prefer using LinkedIn on your mobile, you can enable LinkedIn to read receipts by following these steps:

  • Open your LinkedIn app
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • Select the ‘Settings’ option
  • Click on the ‘Communications’ button
  • Navigate the ‘Messaging Experience’ section and choose the ‘Read Receipts and Typing Indicators’
  • Switch the button to turn it on and click on the ‘Save’ button

Why Enable LinkedIn Read Receipts?

Enabling LinkedIn’s read receipt feature lets you know whether the person you sent the message to has received it.

It also lets you know that the person has read your message but hasn’t responded yet.

How Do LinkedIn Read Receipts Work?

LinkedIn read receipts are open by default.

However, the sender and receiver must have the features turned on for receipts to engage in conversation. That way, if someone opens your message, you can view them.

Moreover, you can view a small icon on your message thread that shows the recipient has viewed your message.

Keep in mind that you’ll see a timestamp but not a date stamp if you’re using LinkedIn on your desktop. Thus, you can check if a person has opened your message but not when.

Who Should Activate the Read Confirmation on LinkedIn?

Objectively speaking, everyone should activate the read confirmation on LinkedIn. But a better answer is that it depends on your use of LinkedIn.

Activating the read confirmation option when prospecting helps ensure that your recipient understands or reads the message.

How can you figure out whether your message is good? And if your message interests prospects? If the person you send the message does not respond, it’ll give you an idea to change your approach.

How to Improve Your Prospecting Message?

Improving your prospecting message helps you grow your network and expand your outreach. Here are several tips you can follow to enhance your communication on LinkedIn:

  • Target the Right People – Start by ensuring you’re targeting the right people before you start sending messages
  • Keep it Short and Sweet – Avoid writing paragraphs on why your service or product is excellent. Instead, focus on writing short and sweet sentences that are friendly and relevant
  • Don’t Sell – Impersonal sales pitches are a massive turn-off for professionals. Remember to start with a friendly and personalized message, build an organic relationship, and then start your sales talk
  • Stay Professional – LinkedIn is a professional website where employers and employees connect to discover job opportunities. Ensure your messages reflect your brand and keep your language professional
  • Get to the Point – Here’s the thing: long messages are a turn-off. Moreover, you risk the reader not understanding your brand. Consider finding the right balance by conducting A/B testing
  • Grab the Reader’s Attention from the First Line – Stand out from the crowd by being original and thinking outside of the box. Consider using a witty opener or an emoji to dynamize your message
  • Be Confident – Captivate readers by oozing confidence in your products/service
  • Build Your Brand – Increase your chances of getting replies and building a brand by sending personalized messages
  • Use Automation Tools – Send automated messages and follow-ups to your prospects on LinkedIn in bulk with Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation

The Benefits of Enabling Read Receipts on LinkedIn

Enabling read receipts on LinkedIn helps you identify whether the recipient has received and read your message. It also allows you to learn whether they’re writing a response.

Here are a few benefits of enabling read receipts on LinkedIn:

Know Whether Your Message Hit

Turning on the read receipts feature is an excellent way of identifying whether your recipient understood your message.

Consider writing several personalized messages and wait for responses. This way, you can identify which strategy works and need to improve.

Keep a Reminder

LinkedIn’s turn-on receipts feature indicates that your recipient has read your message but hasn’t responded.

How to Turn Off Read Receipts on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that has attracted many LinkedIn users. However, amongst them is a group of people who still are not ready to use the feature on their LinkedIn profiles. Since the feature applies an added pressure to the users to reply, many LinkedIn users are not comfortable turning on their read receipt feature.

Fortunately, LinkedIn allows its users to turn off read receipts to avoid others knowing if they have read their message. Here is how you can quickly turn off your read receipt feature.

For Desktop

People using LinkedIn on their desktops can quickly turn off the feature in the following way:

  • Launch the internet browser
  • Log into your LinkedIn account
  • Click on ‘View My Profile’
  • Once the dropdown menu appears, click Settings&Privacy
  • On the left-hand side, look for the Communication tab
  • You will find various options available. Including message experience and notifications
  • Click Message Experience
  • Once you enter the section, scroll down to find read receipts and typing indicators
  • Turn off the toggle to avoid others knowing if you have read the message read-receipts-off

For Mobile

People using LinkedIn on Mobile can also turn off read receipts. Here is how you can do it.

  • Tap the LinkedIn App
  • Log into your LinkedIn account
  • Click ‘View My Profile’ on the top right corner
  • Click Settings under the dropdown menu appears
  • Click the Communication tab on the left-hand sidebar
  • You will find various options available, Including message experience and notifications
  • Click Message Experience
  • Scroll down to find read receipts and typing indicators
  • Turn off the toggle

Why is the LinkedIn Receipt Not Showing Up?

Sometimes, LinkedIn users are unable to see LinkedIn receipts. Here we discuss five reasons why LinkedIn receipts are not showing up.

  1. LinkedIn receipts will not show up in InMail messages. Users can only see the read receipt if they click the link to open the message.
  2. Users using LinkedIn on a mobile app or desktop can choose whether they wish to turn on the toggle of reading receipts or not. If the message sender has not turned on the read receipt toggle, the message will still be marked read.
  3. LinkedIn users who have a private LinkedIn account will not be able to see the read receipts for messages sent to their accounts.
  4. The message sender can view if the message receiver has read his text or not through their desktop or mobile app notifications (if they have turned on the notifications) or LinkedIn inbox. However, receivers of the message do not get direct notifications about who has read the sent message. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the recipients to know if the intended audience received and read their message.
  5. For LinkedIn users who have turned their read receipts feature on, your message recipient will know once the message is open; read and click Show Details to learn more. It is the same if you turn off the read receipt toggle.

Does LinkedIn Show When You Were the Last Active?

LinkedIn has allowed the users to see when the other person is active and reachable on the platform. However, LinkedIn users can turn off the feature. Moreover, LinkedIn does not show the users the last time you were active on the forum.

Can Users See if I Viewed their Profile Without Logging In?

While using the LinkedIn account, users can see who has viewed their LinkedIn profile. However, people who do not have a LinkedIn account can view LinkedIn profiles without letting the users know if they have viewed their LinkedIn profile.

Is there Any Way of Knowing if Your Recipient has Read Your LinkedIn Message?

Read receipts and typing indicators are LinkedIn features that the platform has displayed when the user is typing or reading a message. The platform has turned on the feature by default. If the users have turned off the read receipts and typing indicators features, no one in the conversation will know if they have read the message and cannot see if they are typing a response.

However, if the LinkedIn users have turned on the read receipts and typing indicators feature, the sender will know if you have read the message and typed a response. Moreover, senders of InMail messages will not be able to see read receipts and typing indicators.

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LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform that allows its users to make the most of the forum. People not only search for newer opportunities but also build new connections and expand their network. While broadening their network, they come across a flood of messages in their inbox.

With tools such as typing indicators and reading receipts, LinkedIn allows its users to control their profile settings to avoid others knowing they have read their message. These tools are valuable while trying to manage the sales process.

It allows them to test whether the messages sent are well received. Moreover, it also tells the sender if the recipient is responding to the message or not. Furthermore, users who are not comfortable using the feature may turn it off temporarily by following the steps mentioned above and later turn on the toggle when they are confident with using the feature.