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50+ Secret Emotional Trigger Words Used by Marketers

50+ Secret Emotional Trigger Words Used by Marketers

Emotional trigger words are part of a smart strategy to increase conversions for online businesses and websites. Marketers use a mix of psychology and human behavior factors to influence their audiences into taking particular actions. Whether it’s clicking on ads, selecting items for check-out, or being directed to other pages, power words for sales are essential in achieving the desired results. 

The trigger words are mostly calls-to-action that aim to garner the target’s attention, maintain it, and then materialize it for business growth and bottom-line improvement. Whichever way you aim to influence your target audiences, the type of emotion you want to trigger depends on the words and phrases that you’re employing.

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Emotional Trigger Phrases That Convert Like Crazy


Emotional trigger phrases for attraction can belong to various groups, each catering to a separate purpose and emotion. These groups evoke different emotions and effects; therefore, you have to choose them strategically and place them in your content logically to maximize conversion rates.

Here are some of the major groups of emotional trigger words, accompanied by their relative effects and some of the most useful words and phrases belonging to these groups.

1. Curiosity

Humans are curious creatures and have been since the dawn of time, a trait that led to scientific inventions and discoveries. Human being’s urge to resolve their inquisitiveness knows no bounds. The best marketers use this characteristic to resolve the problems of people and make money in the process. 

And when it comes to content marketing, marketing professionals incorporate trigger words and catchy sales phrases in their texts that shroud their content in mystery and then present the desired action to the viewers as the only way to satisfy their craving for the answers. 

The consumption of online content has never been greater, but the time people spend reading pieces of content varies from one piece of content to another. When we look at web pages that fail to retain audiences, we see that the target readers arrive at pages but do not tend to stay for long. The solution: keep your audience guessing with words of curiosity. It will not only help to retain them but also guide them logically.

You’d be surprised by the things people are willing to do so that they can scratch their intrigued itch. Use words that trigger their curiosity so you can cater to their interest in a profitable manner. 

Here’s a list of emotional trigger words and phrases that evoke viewers’ inner detectives:

  • Secret
  • Banned
  • Illegal
  • Taboo
  • Hidden
  • Covert
  • Exposed
  • Undercover
  • Censored
  • Unbelievable
  • Invitation-Only
  • Insider
  • Private
  • Members-only
  • Exclusive
  • Behind the scenes
  • Classified

2. Urgency

Many businesses fail to determine the conversion rates that they want to achieve with their web content. This is a common problem and may have to do with customer overthinking. When viewers spend too much time on a page or content, they tend to lose interest. Overthinking about buying a specific product might force them to explore other options. Wandering on a page for too long might dissuade them from staying on the page anymore. As a content marketer, you have to create a sense of urgency to counter this phenomenon.

Remember that the more time a potential customer spends assessing and deciding, the lower the chances of conversion. By creating a sense of urgency, viewers are forced to act quickly and, consequently, are more likely to be influenced by your content. Urgency words can, therefore, turn recommendations into commands.

There are multiple ways of inducing urgency into your deals. One way is to create the fear of missing out. By giving the impression that your items are scarce, in limited supply, or selling out, you can create a sense of panic by making viewers feel as if they’re about to lose something special or valuable and possibly regretting not taking the opportunity. 

It is also a good idea to make your products available for a limited time or incorporate a countdown clock for the last possible time of sale. The sense of missing out by not complying with the time limit does more to convince buyers than the sense of benefit from making the purchase or conversion. 

Other ways of creating urgency include placing carefully crafted, soft warnings in your content that alert the readers that they’ll lose something of value (such as user accounts or memberships) if they don’t take a specific action. Incorporating time-related calls-to-action and even creating a sense of competition with other viewers and users, such as a lucky giveaway or an exclusive opportunity, can go a long way toward increasing your conversion rate. 

Here are some phrase and words that force viewers to act as quickly as possible:

  • Limited time
  • Act now
  • Deadline
  • Last time
  • Don’t delay
  • Hurry
  • Never again
  • Once in a lifetime 
  • Clearance
  • Price going up
  • Final chance
  • Bargain
  • While stock last
  • Units remaining
  • Offer expires
  • Quick
  • Flash sale
  • Don’t miss out 

3. The feeling of Being Special

Exclusivity gives products a greater perceived value than what they actually have. Possessing a unique product, or a model/item owned by very few people creates a symbol of social status and exclusivity. 

The allure of the bragging rights accompanying the purchase of the item or product is enough to persuade users to make favorable conversions. It’s the same effect most distinguished brands utilize to maintain huge sales of expensive items by propagating their brand image.

Including words and phrases in your content that add rarity and exclusivity evokes the feeling of being unique. You can then capitalize on that feeling through conversions. Be sure to emphasize the scarcity of the product, the rarity of the opportunity, or the exclusivity of the entailed benefits. 

Here are some words to make the users ‘want’ instead of need by giving them the feeling of belonging to an elite few:

  • Limited edition
  • Members-only
  • Restricted access
  • Join the club
  • Rare
  • Once in a lifetime
  • Insider
  • Exclusive
  • Premium
  • Class full
  • Only available to subscribers
  • Be one of the few
  • Unique
  • Elite

4. Trust


Regardless of how well you convince the users to make a transaction, your effort could be in vain if there isn’t trust between the two parties. Fraudulent schemes, false marketing, and online scams are prevalent in today’s age, and it’s tough to convince consumers that the site they’re on is indeed safe to proceed with the conversions. Trust may just be the most important factor to emphasize in your content because it induces the final push towards conversion.

Viewers check for security indicators on websites at different stages of the visit. Some become wary of trust if the quality of the site is not up to par. Others make it a regular practice to scrutinize every page they land on before proceeding. 

Most of the trust assessment takes place before the payments and before submitting personal information and details. Since these are the most common conversion actions, you have to make sure that the viewers trust the site enough to proceed with the purchase.

Guarantees, captcha, seals, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, positive customer feedback and reviews, and authentication are the first things that need to be addressed and implemented to build trust between the parties. 

In the second step, you can use your content to reassure the users and make them feel more secure. Incorporate words that confirm the trustworthiness of your brand and back your claims and guarantees.

Here are some words and phrases to earn the users’ faith in your business:

  • Authentic
  • Certified
  • Guaranteed
  • Money back
  • Proven
  • Genuine
  • Reviews
  • Safety
  • Secure
  • Endorsed
  • Unconditional
  • Refund
  • Lifetime
  • Years’ warranty
  • Verified
  • No risk
  • Dependable
  • Confirmation
  • Customer reviews

Other Powerful Emotional Trigger Phrases to Prompt Action

There are plenty of other groups of positive sales words that are persuasive on a psychological level. Using these in your copy will help direct the audience toward critical pages and conversion points, thus boosting your conversion rates. 

The best emotional trigger words will have an excellent impact-on-read value. Whether it’s the meaning of those words or how they roll along with the tongue, they help in influencing the audience in every sentence they read. 

By using trigger words to guide the emotions of the potential customers, you can make your marketing effective, all the while seeming organic. The best marketers can cleverly place the words in complementary combinations and strategic areas to enhance the chances of conversions. 

Some words can evoke greed, like in investment schemes or services that mainly provide monetary incentives. Other groups of target words include ‘Lust words’ to capitalize on the audience’s deepest desires, ‘Sloth’ words to benefit from the users’ avoidance of work and effort, ‘Anger words’ to gain from the viewers’ animosity towards problems that you have the solution for, and ‘Fear words’ to force them into action by promising a safer state of mind. 

Here’s a list of some more powerful and most persuasive words in sales:

  • Free
  • Scientifically Proven
  • Money
  • Discount
  • Easy
  • Simple steps
  • Deal
  • Urgent
  • Limited time
  • Lazy
  • Explosive
  • Amazing
  • Tested
  • End
  • Experts say
  • Professional
  • High quality
  • Efficient
  • Quick
  • Cheap
  • Bang for buck
  • Economical
  • Hot
  • Irresistible
  • Buy now

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Final Thoughts

Nowadays, holding on to viewers is much harder than influencing them if they manage to stay with you. By using the appropriate sales words, you can accomplish both tasks simultaneously and with a superb effect. Using trigger words in your content is a powerful tool for making people take action. By incorporating them intelligently and according to the emotions they affect, and the results you desire to achieve, you can accelerate your conversions multiple times.