Keep Your LinkedIn Account Safe:  Important Rules You Have to Follow

Keep Your LinkedIn Account Safe: Important Rules You Have to Follow

What’s your biggest concern about using Linkedin automation tools?

Probably, that’s the safety of your LinkedIn account, right?

In this article, I am going to share with you the main LinkedIn rules you HAVE to follow to prevent your account from getting flagged or even blocked.

Let’s get straight to the point!

Do not make more than 250 actions per day on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s monitoring system works pretty well and they won’t let you overuse their platform. Based on the results of our constant tests, once you do more than 250 actions (e.g. send a connection request, send a message) per day, your account might get flagged by the monitoring system on LinkedIn. And once you do that again, there is a high chance for your account to get blocked for such an excessive activity.

However, there is nothing to be worried about. Do not send more than 250 connection requests and messages / day. Let me give you a quick example: let’s say you’ve sent 100 connection requests today, therefore you can still send either 150 connection requests or 150 messages.

P.S. You can safely view up to 500 profiles a day.

Increase your LinkedIn performance gradually

This rule is super important for you to know and follow, otherwise you might get into trouble.

The number of profile views, connection requests and messages you send should increase gradually with time. If you send 10 connection requests or messages today and then you’ll send 150 connection requests / messages tomorrow, LinkedIn might flag your account. Start from sending a small portion of connection requests and increase the daily limit by 10-30 additional connection requests.

The best scenario for you is the following:

  • Day 1. You send 10 connection requests
  • Day 2. You send 20 connection requests
  • Day 3. You send 35 connection requests
  • Day 4. You send 55 connection requests
  • Day 5. You send 80 connection requests
  • Day 6. You send 110 connection requests
  • Day 7. You send 150 connection requests

And continue sending 130-150 connection requests every single day without a break.

Hopefully, you’re having Octopus CRM and it will take a few seconds of your manual work a day to launch the tool and let it work for you 🙂

Make sure you have less than 1000 pending invitations sent

Once you start sending connection requests on a daily basis, you’ll definitely notice that the number of pending invitations sent by you will gradually increase. LinkedIn will notice this as well and once you get a big number there (around 2000 – 3000 pending invites), you might temporarily lose the ability to send connection requests.

Therefore, go to Linkedin -> “My Network” -> “Manage all” -> “Sent” and withdraw some old invitations. Always keep an eye on this section and remove some old invites at least once a week.

Remember these important LinkedIn rules and keep your account safe!

P.S. As always, feel free to contact our customer care team by sending a quick message HERE and we’ll gladly help you out.